Election Results: UPDATED 2:48 pm Wednesday May 8

Update: The library mill levy passed with 949 votes for and 842 against.

School board election votes from around the county have been tallied and new trustees have been decided. Trustees will not be an official part of the board until they are sworn in at each school’s next board meeting.

Here are the results:

Dustin Wagner got 78 votes, which beat Parker Taylor’s 72 votes. The funds transfer passed with 125 votes for and 24 against.
Bill Wood was reelected with 197 votes. Karen Talley will join him on the board. She received 177 votes. Mike Davidson received 89 votes. Both the high school and elementary school building reserves passed. The high school building reserve received 177 votes in favor with 158 against while the elementary school building reserve received 144 votes for and 140 against.
Twin Bridges:
Allison Wentzel won reelection with 141 votes. David Banks Jr. received 78 votes. Other names received 11 votes. The $35,000 mill levy passed with 139 votes in favor and 94 against. The building reserve levy also passed with 125 votes in favor versus 109 against.
John Scully and Maria Lake were elected to the school board. Scully received 801 votes and Lake received 580 votes. Mike Richmann received 366 while Michael Graham received 40 votes.
More to come Wednesday, May 8.

One Response to Election Results: UPDATED 2:48 pm Wednesday May 8

  1. Joanie Shortridge says:

    Congrats to Maria Lake on her seat for school board. I have known Maria over 30+ years and believe she will do a great job on the Ennis school board. The school board and students of Ennis school are very lucky to have Maria on the board.

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