Restvedt’s Meats sells to local butcher, Deemo’s Meats set to open this week

Chris DiMichele and Ann Restvedt stand in front of the new Deemo’s Meats shop. DiMichele is starting the business in the building that once was home to Restvedt’s Meats. Photo by Ben Coulter.

After four generations in the butchering business, the Restvedt family has stepped aside and taking up where they left off is another local butcher, Chris DiMichele.

This week Deemo’s Meats will open in the old Restvedt building, but with the same dedication to quality meat and processing.
DiMichele is opening just in time for general big game season and will start accepting animals opening day. He’ll start selling retail cuts of meat by the end of this week.

The building DiMichele takes over was built to be a meat shop by Glenn and Ann Restvedt in 1990, said Ann Restvedt. But the legacy goes back to the early 1900s in South Dakota, when Gust Restvedt started as a butcher.

Eventually the family moved to Bozeman and opened a butcher shop where Starkey’s Deli used to be on East Main Street. The old shop was destroyed in the 2008 natural gas explosion that destroyed several buildings and killed one woman.

From left to right: Al Restvedt, Dick Todd and Glenn Restvedt stand in the old Restvedt’s Meats. Submitted photo

When the family moved to Ennis in the 1980s, they worked at a local market for a few years, before building their own shop.
The whole time it’s been a family business, Restvedt said.

“That’s all my husband ever wanted to do,” she said. “It had to be a family tradition. He was a great one for family.”

For years Glenn ran the business with his son Al and his wife Tamara. Earlier this year, Glenn passed away and it was just time for the family to sell the business, she said.

When Restvedt’s closed its doors this summer, DiMichele began thinking about starting his own shop again.

DiMichele first got his start in the meat business back in 1974 in New Jersey as an apprentice to a butcher. He moved his way up to journeyman butcher and moved to Gillette, Wyo. where he worked at a grocery store as a butcher and market manager for more than a decade.

Eventually he found his way to Bozeman, where he worked as a market butcher at times and in construction.

Through it all, whether in the market, or his own game processing business on the side, DiMichele has been a butcher.

“I always had a knife in my hand,” he said.

In 1994, DiMichele moved to Ennis and worked at the old Economy Market, which was located on the east end of Main Street. He then went back into construction for a few years before getting hired on with Madison Foods to run their meat department about a year ago.

Game processing hooks hang in wait behind Restvedt's Meats in Ennis. By Ben Coulter

But owning his own meat shop has always been a desire, he said.

“He’s a lot like my husband,” Restvedt said. “He wants to be his own boss.”

Deemo’s Meat’s will feature choice and prime cuts, along with a selection of veal, lamb and fresh chicken, DiMichele said.
Additionally, he’ll have homemade jerky and sausages along with weekly specials.

And he’s also keeping the old Restvedt’s Meat’s phone number, 682-7306.

Don Bowen brokered the deal between Restvedt and DiMichele. Both he and his wife Toni were pleased to see a community institution like Restvedt’s pass hands to another Ennis resident.

“It’s very satisfactory to see this come together,” Toni said. “It’s so good for the community.”

2 Responses to Restvedt’s Meats sells to local butcher, Deemo’s Meats set to open this week

  1. Frederick McCray says:

    Do you have fresh cuts of bison in stock and do you pack it to travel about a 5 hour drive to my home?

  2. ccpenn says:

    I worked with Glen at the United Market, Bennett Valley, in Santa Rosa, Ca back in the 60’s. Nice guy and great meat cutter!

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