Resort tax measure crushed by voters

The Ennis resort tax failed to pass as voters defeated the measure by a landslide vote of 300 to 75.

This is the second time Ennis voters defeated efforts to implement a resort tax in Ennis, the first time coming in the late 1990s.

There was a 62 percent voter turnout in the election, said Peggy Kaatz Stemler, Madison County Clerk and Recorder. The results were unofficial as of Tuesday night.

“I’m glad it went to a ballot. Now we know and the voters got to speak,” said Ennis Mayor John Clark. “Our job was just to get it to the ballot and let the public vote. As long as I’m mayor it won’t come up again unless the public initiates it or we’re given a petition with 51 percent of the voters signing it.”

The tax would have been a 3 percent tax on luxuries sold within the town limits. It would have been in effect from July 1 to Sept. 30 each year.

3 Responses to Resort tax measure crushed by voters

  1. Jeffrey Lee says:

    Mr. Clark, respectfully, the voters have been speaking for years on the resort tax issue, you’ve just chosen to ignore them. Do you hear them now? Finally?

  2. Lexi Sundell says:

    Yes, John Clark, saying it was your job to get it to the ballot shows a deliberate ignorance of both the history and impact of the resort tax issue in this community.

    I suppose you have a similarly insubstantial explanation for spending our perfectly good tax dollars in hiring for our town attorney Mona Jamison, who wrote the resort tax legislation in such a confusing, contradictory, and incomplete manner that she has made a lot of money trying to decipher it for others.

  3. tito jones says:

    Actually the town used a pool of grant money to pay Mona Jamison. Still a waste of money and the idea should have been shot down by the city council. The question I have is where are these voters who apparently supported a resort tax during the “survey” the city sent out. This was the platform the city council used to justify sending the measure out to ballot. Even with all the vocal opponents of the resort tax measure they claimed there was strong support for the resort tax. The city council needs to take some blame for not killing this idea in council instead of wasting time and maybe some tax money during the vote process. The city council could have stopped this before it got started……REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!

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