Plastic recycling comes to the Ruby Valley

People in the Ruby Valley will have a local place to recycle their plastic this week as Madison County will be accepting No. 1 and 2 plastic products at the Twin Bridges container site on Saturday.

In Madison County, only the Ennis container site accepts plastic for recycling. Those are the only container sites in the county with bailers, said Madison County Sanitarian Ralph Hamler.

To be transported and sold, recycled plastic has to be bailed, Hamler said. Normally the bailer at Twin Bridges is used for cardboard. But now on the first Saturday of each month it will be used for plastic.

Madison County residents pay a levy for garbage service and that money goes for a variety of things, but a big chunk of the money goes toward paying for landfills to take Madison County’s trash. So recycling limits the amount of garbage the county has to haul to landfills, Hamler said.

Additionally, since plastic doesn’t readily decompose, it’s a bad thing to bury in a landfill, he said.

“Plastics are probably one of the worst things you can put in a landfill,” he said.

Ruby Watershed Coordinator Rebecca Ramsey is helping Hamler and the county spread the word about the new monthly service.

Recycling is important to many people in the Ruby Valley and having plastic recycling more available will be helpful.

“Our effort is just really getting the word out there that this opportunity is available for Ruby Valley residents,” Ramsey said.

The Twin Bridges container site will accept No. 1 and 2 plastic products from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The numbers refer to the type of plastic. No. 1 and 2 plastics return the most value from the companies who purchase the recycling, Hamler said. The numbers are generally found on the bottom of the plastic container.

For more information, call Hamler at 843-4275.

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