Rains swell rivers, flood watch on for Madison County

The National Weather Service in Great Falls has issued a flood watch for Madison County and other parts of southwest Montana as spring rains and melting snows raise river levels.

The flood watch is in effect until Tuesday evening, though forecasters may adjust it during the day Monday, said John Blank, from the National Weather Service.

“We were expecting some precipitation last night and it looks like most places got a quarter of an inch or less,” Blank said.

The flood watch is in effect for Madison and Beaverhead Counties including the towns of Ennis, Dillon and Twin Bridges. A flood watch means there is a potential for flooding based on current forecasts.

“Impacts include – possible flooding of low lying areas and locations adjacent to rivers and streams. The Big Hole and Jefferson Rivers are already running quite high and approaching bankfull. In fact, the Big Hole River may reach flood stage near the town of Melrose. The Beaverhead, Ruby and Madison Rivers may also see similar significant rises,” reads the flood watch.

So far, only minor and typical flooding as occurred in Madison County, said communications coordinator Steve DiGiovanna.

“We’ve had some issues with some clogged storm drains and culverts that are clogged up,” DiGiovanna said. “There’s a lot of running water right now so we’re just monitoring stuff and making sure people are aware of it.”

Both the Big Hole and Jefferson Rivers are expected to approach flood stage later this week.

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