Public hearing for fairgrounds masterplan reveals estimated costs

After the Madison County Fair Board decided on the top four priority projects at the Madison County Fairgrounds, it was time for a public hearing. Craig Erickson with Great West Engineering, along with the fair board, hosted a public meeting for discussion of the fairgrounds master plan on Nov. 9 in Twin Bridges.

At their October meeting, the fair board determined the top four priority projects: addressing the hog barn, adding showers and bathrooms, updating campground facilities and building an indoor arena.

With more than 20 people at the meeting, Erickson presented project figures and explained the floodplain survey. A year ago, GWE began working on a floodplain survey of the grounds to determine areas where expansion could take place, based on where they are within the floodplain. Most of the grounds is within the 100-year floodplain, which means there is a 1 percent chance for the grounds to flood every year. Based on Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations and United States law, new construction within a floodplain cannot take place unless the ground is raised to a certain elevation. GWE floodplain study determined everything east of the grandstands was in the floodplain.

“You can construct in the area as long as your first level is 2 feet above the flood elevation,” said Erickson. “They would have to bring in fill and raise the grade.”

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