As ballot boxes started arriving at the Madison County Administrative Building in Virginia City from precincts around the county after 8 p.m. on June 7, Kim Hudson and many other volunteers got to work.

“I’ve been doing this since 1982,” Hudson said, sending ballots through the automated counter. “The clerk and recorder and election administrator then asked me to help and I’ve been here ever since.”


In the races for state Senate and state House of Representatives, the Republican primary ticket determined the general election as well – no Democrats filed to run.

For Senate District 36, Jeff Welborn bested Dale Stewart with 56 percent of the vote. Welborn received 1,025 votes to Stewart’s 793.

As for House District 71, incumbent Rep. Ray Shaw from Sheridan received 1,247 votes to beat former Rep. Bob Wagner, of Harrison, who got 716 votes – Shaw won with 63 percent of the votes.

Finally, in the race for commission district 1, three candidates were narrowed to two – Dan Allhands received 41 percent of the vote and moves on to the general election against current commissioner Dave Schulz, who received 39 percent. Eli Thompson received 18 percent of the vote and is out of the running for the seat.

Hudson, who now lives in Norris but is originally from Alder, considers himself a “Ruby Valley-ite” – he said he enjoys helping with the election process for one simple reason.

“The fact it’s a free country and we have these elections is important,” Hudson said. “It’s an honor to be doing it.”


For a list of results specific to how Madison County voted, follow this link:


For a full list of statewide results, go here:


  1. Joanie Shortridge says:

    Could someone please answer the question for me why didn’t any Democrats run for Senate and House of Representatives why was it only Republicans running I don’t understand

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