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The Madisonian

The first issue of The Madisonian rolled off the press on Nov. 15, 1873 in Virginia City. The founder and editor of The Madisonian was Thomas Deyarmon. The paper was considered the official paper of Madison, Beaverhead and Jefferson Counties.

The Madisonian printed the news and navigated the mine fields of Montana’s most turbulent times from before Territory until long after Statehood, to today.

The Madisonian has published every week since its first issue. We serve The Madison Valley, Ruby Valley and surrounding areas. We welcome and provides news items, events and stories of people relating to this historical cradle of Montana.

Key Facts 
• 2,200 papers circulated weekly 
• Distributed and mailed each Wednesday
 • Available at numerous newsstands around the area.

Distribution •  Mail distribution accounts for 65 percent of the newspapers distributed. The remainder of the papers are available at news stands and various establishments throughout Madison County.

Editorial Policies

Editorials are intended to acquaint our readers with the Editor’s viewpoints on matters of public importance. Guest editorials (Readers Speak) and letters from readers (Letters to the Editor) reflect the  opinion of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editor or staff of The Madisonian.

The Madisonian encourages the opinions of readers on public issues and matters of local concern. Letters must be close to 350 words, letters must include the writer’s name, address and phone number. The Madisonian reserves the right to edit content for grammar, good taste and libel. We also reserve the right to reject or delay publications. Announcements and letters of a commercial nature will not appear in this column.

Submission Guidelines

The Madisonian can not guarantee printing of unsolicited news items, including photos and news articles. Discretion of what runs when and where is up to our Editorial staff and the publishers of The Madisonian. We do our best to print submissions as space permits; however, please do not rely on the submission of articles to promote your information.  If an item MUST run, we encourage you to contact our advertising staff.

Weekly News and Advertising Deadlines

All news and advertising must be received by 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to publication. Copy for display advertising requiring a proof prior to publication must be submitted by Monday at noon prior to publication. Any information or advertising received after deadlines will be included ONLY if time and space permit.

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Feature Sections

Community Events, Calendar, 
Living Pioneers, 
Business & Agriculture, 

Special Editions

We produce an ever changing selection of special editions during the year–including our Dining Guide, Health & Wellness Directory and our Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Special Editions.  We work hard to reach all advertisers and distribute our special publications comprehensively around our region.

Rates and sizing vary with each special publication.