Perfect Day For Fishing


A handful of Madison County’s senior citizens lined the banks of the Lions Club fishpond in Ennis on Friday morning to participate in the annual Senior Fishing Derby, where elderly residents from the Tobacco Root Mountains Care Center and Madison Valley Manor wetted a line and tried their luck at catching trout.

Although the seniors followed in the wake of the annual Father’s Day fishing derby for kids a week earlier, there was no shortage of fish in the pond. But it also didn’t hurt that the pond was recently re-stocked with aquatic residents from the nearby Ennis National Fish Hatchery.

While some residents sat back in their wheelchairs and took in the overall experience of the fishing derby under the brilliant summer sky, others got took it a bit more serous as they jerked one fish after another out of the water and up on to shore. And everyone enjoyed a free barbecue lunch from the Lions Club.

One visiting angler looked anxiously down into the water, trying to catch a glimpse of an unsuspecting trophy trout as she waited for her son to bait the hook.

“I haven’t caught a fish in 50 years,” said 91-year-old LaVonne Askay. “So it’s about time I catch one!”

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