Clerks report school board election figures, announce new trustees

As school board elections drew to a close at the end of the day Tuesday, May 3, clerks from around Madison County got to work tallying votes to determine new trustees and see if mill levies passed.

Read on to see the results.

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Hi readers!

I was out on a fun assignment last Friday. To celebrate Earth Day, I tagged along with Ennis Elementary School students as they conquered the town of Ennis and surrounding areas with trash bags in hand.

Specifically, I followed the fourth graders around Lions Club Park with my camera, hoping to capture a perfect picture of kids working together to improve the environment. It turned out to be an easy photo shoot – all the students were enthusiastic about spending the afternoon outdoors, even if it involved picking up trash.

And pick up trash they did! The group moved through the park like a tidal wave, sweeping up every plastic and paper scrap in their wake.

The following Monday I got on the phone and called folks in Alder, Sheridan and Twin Bridges, while Caitlin talked to Harrison Superintendent Fred Hofman, to hear how other Madison County students celebrated Earth Day. It is significant that every school recognized the holiday.

In Montana we have an interconnected relationship with the earth. Unlike people who hail from large cities and urban areas, we don’t need to plan a vacation to get close to nature. Since it’s part of our daily lives, we sometimes forget to appreciate how fortunate we are.

When I write articles and take photos for The Madisonian, it strengthens my appreciation for our earth – especially this time of year when our stomping-grounds are turning green and bursting with renewed life after a long winter. Twice a year, when we’re gearing up to publish The Loop magazine, we spend extra time exploring the county and its residents. We are now in the process of producing the summer edition. The additional work, along with our weekly newspaper routine, is stressful for everyone in the office. But when you see the finished product, we hope you’ll find it well worth our efforts.

In this edition of The Loop, we’ll take you to many places of interest including Hell’s Canyon and Quake Lake. In visiting, writing about and photographing all these places, I get to explore them first-hand.

For that, I am grateful.


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