HEBGEN DAM: Construction on the dam inlet nearing completion


Five years ago, reconstruction began on the intake of the Hebgen Dam, which controls the flow of the Madison River. Now, the project is projected to be complete by the end of this summer.


“In 2005, analysis indicated a need for the intake to survive a maximum earthquake,” said Benjamin Cope, NorthWestern Energy’s project manager for the dam rehabilitation. “Then in 2008, the stop logs in the dam failed and we had an uncontrolled release, which accelerated the need to begin the project. Construction began in 2009.”

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11/12 C boys and girls basketball coaches gathered to nominate the players on their teams they felt earned a spot on the all conference team.

“Each coach is allowed to nominate the players they feel should be recognized and then they get a minute to talk about each player,” Harrison girls basketball head coach Lisa Cooper said. “All the coaches then vote, but the coaches may not vote for their own players.”

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Eagle fishing the Madison

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