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You might have been hearing about our new events calendar for a couple of weeks now, but this week marks our official launch of what we believe will become a great asset to the residents of Madison County and southwest Montana.

Outpostevents.net is a web-based, interactive event calendar focused on our area of Montana. Our goal is for it to become the place to post and find local events for an area spanning from West Yellowstone to Wisdom.

The idea behind the calendar is that much of our lives function around events, whether it’s sporting events, government meetings or concerts. Tracking down information about what’s happening in a town or at a venue can be a pain and often takes a phone call or Internet search. Now, you can look at Outpostevents.net where events are color-coded by type, delineated by date and completely searchable.

That covers the events searching part of the equation.

Many of us who host events know what a pain it is to get our event listed in the many calendars in our community and region. But our goal with
Outpostevents.net is to become the source for local events. And it doesn’t take brain surgery to get us an event listing, just simply go to the website, click on the big button that reads, “submit event” and follow the directions.

This event submission will go to me for approval and then will be posted online. Simple.

Our calendar can also be streamed to any website. So if you have an organization and struggle to maintain an events calendar, you’re welcome to stream ours to your site. We also have customizing options for adding our calendar to your website that we’d be happy to discuss with anyone interested.

Beyond just a simple events listing, Outpostevents.net also offers venues that host events, such as taverns, local libraries or even schools, the ability to have a venue page on our site. A venue page will include a description of the venue along with several links about the venue including website, directions and email. The venue page will also show only the events being held at that particular venue. These venue pages are a very effective way of advertising your events along with serving as an excellent promotional tool for local venues.

Outpostevents.net will be closely associated with our news website, Madisoniannews.com and we are offering advertising packages that include both websites along with the print edition of our newspaper.

So check out our new website and if you have an event, post it there or feel free to email it to us and we can post it for you. Our new event email address is events@madisoniannews.com.

If you have any questions about Outpostevents.net, please don’t hesitate to call or drop us an email.

And remember if it’s worth doing, you’ll find it (eventually) on Outpostevents.net.

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