Letters to the Editor – Oct. 3, 2013

Palmerton announces candidacy for mayor of Ennis

Dear Editor,

I would like to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Ennis. My name is Brandi Palmerton. I am a waitress at Bynee’s Sports Grill in Ennis. I work with my in-laws. I am a native of Ennis. I graduated from Ennis High School and from Montana State University. My grandmother and family own the Ennis NAPA store. Although I have no political experience, I have a deep desire to serve the people of this community. My lack of experience allows me a more objective and open view of the needs and concerns of our community members. However, for what it is worth, I do have a degree in political science from MSU.

I want to listen to the concerns of everyone, from the business owners to the people who are working for an hourly wage. I believe Ennis should be a community for everyone.

I feel one of the important issues we face is affordable housing. It is getting harder to find workers and affordable housing is part of the problem.

A good share of the businesses relies on the summer months to make it through the rest of the year, as do our local workers. We need to explore what can be done to bring in more business to sustain our community year round.

These are just a couple of concerns that have been brought to my attention. I would love to hear any concerns or ideas. You can contact me at 640-0224, email me at brandipalmerton@hotmail.com, or stop by Bynee’s.

Brandi Palmerton,

Hopeful Mayor of Ennis


What does the tea party drink

According to some of our more extreme left members in Madison County, the Tea Party must be drinking pure arsenic so that they can kill their opponents with their breath. It sure saves trying to talk to people with closed minds.

The Teaers (new party word) are now responsible for the rebellion that is tearing our country apart. I remember President Truman saying that the Marine Corps had the best propaganda machine in the world – maybe the Teaers are mostly retired Marines. We never forget.

Pat, are you getting your list of those rebellious groups from the IRS? From what we have been able to get from that leaker who went to Russia, there are 125 American groups that have those “code words” in their titles so their requests for tax exempt status were denied so they were unable to participate in the last big “election”. The John Birch Society? Isn’t that the group that many returning WWII veterans joined and soon left?

We are reminded of the Tea Party “shamefully” lining the Senate steps when the democrats walked through their midst. There were claims from the politicians that the “unruly” Teaers spit on them and used the “N word”. But when experts examined every video of that incident, there was no spitting nor did any voice analyzers or lip readers find that “N word” spouted.

I attended some Tea Party meetings. Pat’s meeting must have been on another planet but if you have watched those committee hearings, those people are the ones who definitely reside on different planets. The word “paranoia” me thinks has been misplaced and the only thing horrible about the “Koch” brothers is that they are horribly rich, but I guess outside the democratic party, that too is a crime.

Bill Hanley,

Twin Bridges

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