Not another statistic: Sheridan businesses push for economic growth

While more and more people discover the “last best place” and areas like Bozeman continue to grow, Sheridan refuses to become another small town statistic.

“I created the place I wanted to work,” said Janet Marsh, who owns a restaurant on Main Street. “The place that I want to exist is Sheridan.”

Just under 700 people live in Sheridan’s section of the Ruby Valley and want to see the town succeed and grow, but not too much.

“Maybe not so much growing, but being able to sustain ourselves,” said Bill Wood.

Wood grew up in the Ruby Valley and recently opened an outdoor shop downtown. While he loves the small town feel, Wood said he had some reservations about opening a business in Sheridan.

“Of course I did and still do,” he said. “But we have a great school and a great community and it’s just a great place to raise a family.”

Read more about how Sheridan business owners and community members are revitalizing Main Street:

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