Sheridan FCCLA Conducts a Vision Zero Project

The Sheridan FCCLA Chapter was awarded a Vision Zero grant from the Montana Department of Transportation, Ford Driving Skills and Montana FCCLA to plan and conduct a project to encourage safer driving in Montana. Members carried out several projects which included a resource fair for all those in grades 7-12. They brought students into the high school gym for one class period and did several activities with them. The assembly started with playing “Kahoot” which included a team competition about traffic safety and FCCLA facts. Winning teams were rewarded with T-shirts. Following the competition activities began. These activities included wearing drunk goggles simulating different levels of impairment and getting a partner to throw a bean bag to them. Another activity was texting and driving, students didn’t actually get to drive an actual car but they did walk around cones, first without texting and the second time texting. As they went through the cones additional distractions were added like volleyballs being thrown at them and they were timed to see the difference between driving distracted and driving focused. Another activity was traffic safety knowledge, basically they had to get on two lines and they were asked a few questions about traffic safety and they had to slap the correct answer with a fly swatter. Every single student that participated got a bracelet and a pocket holder for the back of their phones with the reminder of how dangerous distracted driving is. The resource fair was led by chapter members: Destiny Fabel, Isaac Bendon, Aislinn Deavel, Sofy Du-Pond and Jenna Nate. There were additional parts to their project which included: Door Decorating Contest which had to include a holiday and distracted driving theme; Students wearing black clothing and faces painted white to represent students killed by distracted driving; shadows of bodies on the floor of the school with a tombstone representing how they were killed; posters placed inside bathroom stall doors to share statistics about distracted driving and banners and yard signs placed around our community. These were designed by students and then professionally made.

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