A group of touring cyclists pedals through Glacier National Park. The TransAmerica Trail, a popular touring route, runs coast-to-coast and passes through the Madison and Ruby valleys. (Tom Robertson/Adventure Cycling Association)

An Odyssey on two wheels

ENNIS—Where are they all coming from?

It’s a common refrain throughout the Madison Valley during the summer: motorists and pedestrians alike wondering who in their right mind would choose to bike over the hills separating Ennis from Virginia City and West Yellowstone, clad in those Lycra get ups no less. 

Cowboy Poetry

One night while I was ridin’ home old Ginny took a tumble. Flew past her head and hit the ground, left sittin’ there to grumble.

 I only saw one end of her.  She took off on a run. My coat was flappin’ in the wind. She even had my gun.

Sheridan’s former bank building was one of two buildings donated by an anonymous donor to the Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation. (Submitted photo)

Healthcare Foundation charts course for Sheridan real estate donations

SHERIDAN—At the end of May, the Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation received the deeds to two properties in downtown Sheridan, an enormous donation in support of the Ruby Valley Hospital and the larger community. It was a transfer that had been in the works since the fall of 2017, says Foundation President Les Gilman. 

Brian Stoner (center) sweeps bees off a branch into a hive box on Friday, July 13. The bees were relocated to the home of a nearby beekeeper who had lost a hive last winter. (Patti Warburton photo)

What’s the buzz?

ENNIS—When Esther Warburton left her home to run some errands on Thursday, July 12, there wasn’t a bee in sight.

By later that afternoon, a huge hive had built itself in the tree in her front yard. 

“When I left I didn’t hear a thing,” she says. “And when I came back a couple hours later, the whole tree was buzzing.”


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