New face in HD 71 race

The race for House District 71 recently got another candidate.

On Aug. 10, Don Lepinsky from Whitehall filed as a nonpartisan write-in candidate in the race.

Lepinsky waited to be a write-in candidate because he’s disenchanted by both political parties.

“I’ve lost faith and I’ve lost trust in both political parties,” Lepinsky said Tuesday. “I don’t feel they serve the best interest of the people they’re supposed to serve.”

Lepinsky, 56, was an aircraft mechanic, but is currently a fulltime biology student at Montana Tech in Butte.

“I’m tired of big business and big money politics,” he said.

Lepinsky has never run for public office before and knows he’s got an uphill fight to win the HD 71 seat. He plans to spend as much time as he can meeting with voters around the district. Previous commitments will prevent him from attending the candidate forum Monday in Virginia City.

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