MVEA and The Madisonian hold school board candidate forums

Ennis School District voters will have two opportunities next week to hear from school board candidates on a variety of topics.

The Madisonian will hold a candidate forum Monday evening, April 23 at the Ennis Schools multi-purpose room. The forum will consist of public questions for the four candidates.

On Thursday, April 26, the Madison Valley Education Alliance, the local teacher’s union, will hold another candidate forum that will address issues of concern with the teachers, said Jay Fredrickson, a local teacher a moderator for the event.

The Ennis School Board election is a contest between four candidates: Josh Vujovich, William “Bill” Clark, Chad Coffman and Craig George. The two candidates who receive the most votes on May 8, will replace departing school board members Gary Croy and Marc Glines.

The MVEA forum is geared toward answering questions from the teachers, Fredrickson said. The candidates will receive a set of questions in advance of the forum and have two minutes for each answer.

The public is welcome to attend the forum, but in the interest of time, there will not be a chance for public comment or questions, he said.

The candidates will receive 10 questions developed by the MVEA members prior to the forum so they have a chance to develop their answers, Fredrickson said.

“Our members did get together and did approve a list of 10 questions and mailed those out yesterday to the four candidates and they’ll be able to prepare a response to those questions,” he said.

The Madisonian forum will be the opportunity for the public to ask questions of the candidates. The forum will consist entirely of public questions. Each candidate will have two minutes to answer questions and 30 seconds for any follow-up or rebuttal. The public will be encouraged to ask questions that each candidate can address. The Madisonian’s editor, Greg Lemon, will moderate the forum.

“The goal is to give the public an opportunity to find out where each candidate stands on the issues vital to the school district,” Lemon said. “Voters should attend both forums and get a clear picture of who they want to vote for.”

Each forum will start at 7 p.m. and last for two hours.

For more information on the MVEA forum, call the Ennis Schools at 682-4258. For information on The Madisonian’s forum, call 682-7755.

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