Mustangs bring down Falcons in tough match

The Twin Bridges varsity basketball programs came to Ennis on Friday for a rivalry game between the Mustangs and the Falcons, and those lucky enough to attend were treated to one of the best matchups yet this season as Ennis won 67-64 in a game that came down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Ennis head coach Zach Jepson said going in to preseason tournaments earlier this month, that Twin Bridges would be the team to beat again this year as they have been in the past, and the Mustangs took the floor ready to bring their full arsenal against the Falcons.

The game was characterized by fast-paced play throughout the night. Twin Bridges coach Brad Elser had the Falcons playing aggressively and running a full-court press, but the Mustangs were able to stay in the game by utilizing their size under the basket and depth coming off the bench.

Ennis junior Braydon McKitrick led the team with 17 points, two blocked shots and four rebounds. Following the game, McKitrick was excited about being a part of the Mustang’s squad that beat the Falcons for the first time in nine years.

“We’ve kind of been playing individually in the past, but we really relied on our teammates more tonight,” he said.

“Twin has kind of been the powerhouse for a while now,” he continued. “It feels good to get this one.”


Team Stats



Goodman              13 pts, 2 asst, 4 reb

McKitrick, W.        2 pts, 4 asst, 3 reb

Bullock                  13 pts, 4 asst, 2 reb

Ott                         0 pts, 3 asst, 1 reb

Sullivan                14 pts, 1 asst, 8 reb

Croy                      2 pts, 2 asst, 1 reb

Farnes                  2 pts, 1 asst, 5 reb

Clark                     4 pts, 0 asst, 2 reb

McKitrick, B.         17 pts, 1 asst, 4 reb, 2 blocks





Konen                   7 pts

Pfertsh, J.              8 pts

Myers                   0 pts

Miotke                  15 pts

Cox                        18 pts

Orrin                     3 pts

Pfertsh, M.            8 pts

Hirst                5 pts

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