Municipal election results from around Madison County

The only competitive municipal race in Madison County this year was in Ennis, where voters re-elected all of the incumbent town commissioners.

Pat Clancey ran unopposed for the remaining two years left on the seat that has been filled by Becky Vujovich. He received 235 votes.

Vujovich had been serving as a replacement for Susie Baldwin, who was elected two years ago, but resigned and move away from Ennis.

Vujovich was elected Tuesday to a four-year term, as was Audra Bourk, another commission appointee who replaced Diane McPhetres when she resigned last year. Vujovich and Bourk received 189 and 194 votes respectively.

John Bancroft was also re-elected to a four-year term with 185 votes. The lone challenger in the race, Amanda Newell received 136 votes.

Ennis voters also passed the Madison Valley Public Library levy by a vote of 192 to 100.

In Sheridan, Nick Pairitz was re-elected with 103 votes, but there was a tie between write-in candidates Tom Shaffer and Jim Brandon. Both men received four votes and will fill the two open spots on the council.

In Twin Bridges, Bill Kinoshita and Annette McLean both won their re-election bids – Kinoshita with 92 votes and McLean with 86 votes. Joetta Wetzsteon was a write-in candidate and received seven votes.

In Virginia City, William Doyle filed as a write-in candidate for one of the two open seats. He received 13 votes. Ron Rockwell received 11 votes as a write-in candidate.

All results unofficial at press time.

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