Municipal election deadline rapidly approaching

Municipalities around Madison County have several offices coming up for re-election in November and the deadline to file for office is rapidly approaching.

Citizens interested in filing for their town council have until June 30 to file. The forms can be picked up at your local town hall, said Peggy Kaatz Stemler, Madison County Clerk and Recorder. Only candidates in Virginia City need to gather signatures, she said. Anyone running for the town council in Virginia City needs to gather at least five signatures from registered Virginia City voters.

In Twin Bridges Annette McLean is up for re-election, as is the seat formerly held by Verta Dorseth, which was filled this spring by Bill Kinoshita. Patricia Hayes’ seat is also up for re-election, but according to Twin Bridges officials she recently resigned from the town council.

So far no one from Twin Bridges has filed for the elections, said Kaatz Stemler.

In Sheridan, the seat vacated by Todd Young and filled by Nick Paritz is up for re-election as it the seats filled by Erin Rossiter and Mark McLaughlin. No has yet filed for office.

In Virginia City, Scott Petersen and Chuck Sturgill are both up for re-election. No one has filed for office, Kaatz Stemler said.

In Ennis, there are three four-year seats and one two-year seat up for election this year. John Bancroft, Audra Bourk, Pat Clancey and Becky Vujovich are all up for re-election. Clancey has filed for the two-year seat and Bancroft has filed re-election in his spot. Amanda Newell has also filed for a four-year position, Kaatz Stemler said.

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