Motion to continue granted in shooting incident case

In a District Court hearing in Virginia City on Monday, Judge Loren Tucker granted a motion to continue the arraignment hearing for Ryan David Maddison of Alder until March 11, 2013.

Maddison is charged with three counts of felony criminal endangerment, one count of felony assault with a weapon and one count of resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, stemming from an incident that occurred on Jan. 31. Allegedly, Maddison confronted three teenagers as they drove south on MT Hwy 287 between Alder and Sheridan. After driving along side the teens’ vehicle in the opposite lane of traffic, Maddison allegedly fired multiple shots from a semi-automatic pistol in the direction of the vehicle. When the vehicle pulled off the highway and into the driveway of a nearby home, Maddison allegedly followed in his own vehicle before ordering the driver to get out of the car at gunpoint.

The motion to continue the arraignment hearing was made unopposed by council for Maddison in part because they received the remaining discovery materials in the case on Feb. 21, just four days prior to Monday’s hearing. The motion stated that the defense council needed additional time to review the case in light of excessive pre-trial publicity to determine whether a change of venue is necessary.

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