Moose wandering around Sheridan cause concern

Sheridan has a couple of new guests that are getting the attention of people around town.

At least three moose have been spotted in town over the past few days, including a small bull and a cow and calf.

Jim Kaatz and his wife have seen the cow and calf in their yard more than once and other reports have placed them across Main Street from the Prospector Restaurant as well as behind Walter’s IGA and Ruby Valley Bank.

Kaatz, who lives on Mill Creek in town, has seen mountain lions and bears come through town, but this is the first time since he moved to Sheridan in 1964 that he’s seen a moose in town.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Shane Brozovich has responded to calls about the moose in Sheridan and though he’s seen the bull, he has yet to run into the cow and calf.

The moose are likely moving through the area looking for food and from the Ruby River bottom up toward the mountains, Brozovich said.

However, residents need to be aware the animals are around and should give them space if they run into them.

“The obvious thing is to stay away from them and don’t harass them and chase them off,” Brozovich said. “I think they’re just moving through to try and get up and down that creek (Mill Creek).”

The long winter and slow spring green-up is likely the reason the moose are in town, he said. One report had the moose crossing Water Street and going into the bushes behind the town’s ball fields, probably to eat on the willows.

Sheridan resident Allen Schallenberger believes more than three moose are in the area. From people he’s talked to, he figures that up to five moose could be in the area. His concern is mainly for people’s safety. Cow moose with calves can get very protective and aggressive.

“It’s a dangerous situation when you’ve got kids and you’ve got dogs and elderly people,” Schallenberger said.

And though residents may not see moose in town, they are known to frequent the area, Brozovich said.

He’s been in Sheridan five years and has seen them in and around the edges of town a couple of other times.

“I’m sure once it starts greening up they’ll be leaving town,” he said.

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