Moose poached in Antelope Basin

Three moose were shot and left to rot last week in Antelope Basin at the southern end of the Gravelly Mountains.

“There is no way this is anything but a deliberate criminal act,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Jim Smolcynski in a press release issued last week. “This person is not a sportsman or a hunter – this person is a criminal out to destroy Montana wildlife.”

The moose killed were a cow, bull calf and small bull. The three were all feeding near each other about 50 yards from the road, Smolcynski said.

The dead moose were discovered by a hunter who had seen crows circling the area. The hunter discovered the dead moose and called 1-800-TIPMONT to report the incident.

All animals were within 40 yards of each other, Smolcynski said.

Since the incident, Smolcynski has had a few tips he’s investigating, but continues to look for more information.

The incident took place on the Forest Service Road that goes over Saddle Mountain and into Divide Creek in the Antelope Basin area. Several groups were hunting in the area last week and Smolcynski hopes someone saw something.

“I’m just kind of trying to find out who was in there and trying to talk to everyone,” he said.

If you have information about the crime, contact Smolcynski at 581-6231 or call 1-800-TIPMONT (847-6668).

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