Moose at bank creates speculation

young moose visit to First Madison Valley Bank in Ennis on New Year’s Day has caused community members to speculate if the visit was a portent of a strong economy or world peace in 2018.

FMVB cleaning staff member Teri Smithson snapped pictures of the moose and alerted FMVB senior vice-president Mary Oliver. Smithson and Oliver took time out of their busy schedules last Thursday to answer some questions about the moose visit.


THE MADISONIAN: Was the moose informed the bank is closed on New Year’s Day?

Smithson: “No, I didn’t tell him the bank was closed. I did go out and talk to him, though. I tried to get him to look at me. I said, ‘Hey moose! Hey moosie-moosie!’

THE MADISONIAN: Did the moose return during business hours to make a transaction?

Oliver: “No, he didn’t have the patience to do so. But I believe the moose was waiting to be first in line to make a deposit in 2018.”

THE MADISONIAN: What type of currency do moose use?

Oliver: “The deposits that moose make usually have to be cleaned up.”

THE MADISONIAN: Did the moose use the drive-thru instead?

Oliver: “The drive thru is built to accommodate moose customers and I believe this was the first time we had a moose on our property. Hopefully, we will have some moose coming through the drive-thru.”

THE MADISONIAN: Would the bank extend a loan to a moose?

Oliver: “We would consider it. The moose is an animal of great strength and unpredictability. But we would consider it. We are an equal opportunity lender. The unpredictability might have an impact on their credit rating.”

THE MADISONIAN: How great is it to have a moose as a FMVB customer?

Smithson: “It was really cool to see it. I was so excited and I was trying to clean, but yet I was texting so many people and sending a photo because I thought it was just really awesome. He wasn’t even bothered by me, whatsoever, until I took my vacuum out and was vacuuming, and then he was annoyed at me. I sent pictures to my sister in Virginia Beach and as many people as I could think of.

Oliver: “I’ve received comments from several different people. Someone said, ‘The significance is you should re-evaluate your strategy for the coming year, having crossed paths with a moose.’ Teri said the moose kneeling was an invitation to kneel and pray for world peace throughout 2018. I think it’s a really exciting start to the new year and we should be prepared to make quick decisions.”

Smithson: “He might be chasing off the other customers.”

Oliver: “I was delighted when Teri sent me the picture on New Years Day. I sent it out to probably 15 or 20 customers, who live out-of-state and international customers. I heard back from all but two. They said, ‘unbelievable.’  They said, ‘We’re going to send this off to our friends and say this is where we bank.’”

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