Meet Tina Blair: sales and circulation representative

Though Tina Blair has only called Madison County home for two months, her transition from Texas to Montana has been natural.

“Everybody asks me how I’m going to deal with winter,” she exclaimed. “I was a little tired of the Texas heat, and I would rather be cold than hot!”

Blair joined The Madisonian last week as a sales and circulation assistant. That means you will see her out and about, ready to assist you with subscriptions as well as advertisements.

Though she grew up in southern California, Blair called Texas home since 1995. She loves Texas, but she got an even better feeling when she permanently moved to Montana.

“It’s just so beautiful here,” she said. “Everywhere you go, everywhere you look!”

Blair and her boyfriend, Mitch Allison, moved to Ennis to be closer to his parents. Allison grew up in the Madison Valley and graduated from Ennis High School. To make the transition even easier, Blair’s eldest son, Davis, toured Montana State University last spring and fell in love – he is now a Bobcat freshman. Her other son, Drake, is a Mustang freshman.

From 1989 to 2003, Blair worked in the pharmaceutical industry, mostly in operations, but dabbling in sales. From that role, she transitioned into an operational role with an ad specialty business, where she stayed until she made the move to Montana.

When she saw an advertisement for a sales and circulation assistant in The Madisonian, she thought it was friendly and figured there was no harm in emailing the newspaper for more information.

“I hadn’t interviewed since 1989 or had a resume since then,” she laughed. “I was nervous.”

But her nerves were unnecessary – it was a perfect fit, and now Blair is ready to learn more about the Madison County community.

“I’m excited to take over what has already been established, but bring new ideas,” she said. “I love talking with people, and helping them. I love to see small businesses grow, and help them do that.”

For Blair, time off the clock is saved for the family.

“We like football,” she said. “And I love being here and being able to do Sunday dinners with the whole family.”

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