Medical center hires from within for new CEO

The Madison Valley Medical Center board of directors didn’t have to go far to find their new director.

Turns out he was just across the hall.

John Bishop is taking over for Loren Jacobson who resigned from the position last week to focus on his private consulting business. Like Jacobson, Bishop takes over the CEO spot after having served as the medical center’s chief financial officer.

On Tuesday the board praised Bishop calling him “wise” and “humble” and were excited about his future with the medical center.

“We just decided collectively that John is a great fit,” said board member John Scully.

Bishop’s leadership potential is an important aspect of why he was hired, said board member Sylvia Carpenter.

“We think he’ll do a good job taking the hospital where it needs to go,” Carpenter said.

Bishop was hired as CFO last June after serving as an accountant with Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply in Bozeman. He was raised in Bozeman and has two degrees from Montana State University – bachelors in business and a master’s in accounting.

He and his wife Halsey still live in Bozeman with their son Brecken. However, they are looking to move to Ennis soon. The couple is expecting their second child in May.

“Ennis is a community I’ve always been fond of,” Bishop said. “It’s kind of a natural fit.”

Since college, he has aspired to get into hospital administration. It’s the reason he chose the educational path he did.

“Health care administration is something I’ve been interested in since college,” Bishop said.

His time working with Jacobson was great training and he took advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as he could.

And though bringing on a new CEO is a big change, he is confident the positive direction the medical center has gone in during the past two years will continue.

“We have a great facility. We have really good providers here and we have great employees and we have all the key pieces we need to have a top notch facility here,” Bishop said. “I’m looking forward to planning for the future here.”

Projects currently underway will continue, including working toward getting fulltime mental health services at the clinic, along with more specialized care opportunities like a regular clinic with a podiatrist, he said.

One benefit to hiring someone as CEO from within the medical center is his familiarity with the staff and recent history of the medical center.

“One of the good things about coming from inside of the hospital is I’ve already developed a relationship with the different leadership team members we have,” Bishop said.

He has also been part of the team to help the medical center move from a survival focus to now a more stable situation with a vision for growth.

“The hospital’s in a position for looking to the future,” he said.

The board of directors will now have to determine how to fill Bishop’s vacant position as CFO. Like every personnel decision, the focus will be on hiring the right person not filling the position quickly, Bishop said.

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