MDT starts district-wide rumble strip project with Highway 84

On Friday, Oct. 16, the Montana Department of Transportation’s Butte district started the first stretch of a project, which will add center rumble strips to 625 miles of highway in Southwest Montana.

“High Mark Traffic Service, Inc., is doing the work,” said Bill Fogarty, Butte district construction supervisor. “They have to do two of the segments before winter this year. Highway 84 (from Norris to Bozeman) is one of those segments.”

The work on Highway 84 was completed Monday, Oct. 19.

“It’s a pretty mobile operation,” he said. “They’re keeping one lane open and moving traffic with a pilot car,” Fogarty added. “It should be about a 15 minute wait for the pilot car, and then driving slowly through the construction area.”

Two additional segments of the project take place in Madison County – center rumble strips will be added to MT Highway 287 from Ennis to Twin Bridges, and Highway 41 from Twin Bridges to Highway 55, north of Silver Star.

“Those will happen next spring or summer,” Fogarty said. “We won’t get the schedule until next spring.”

Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson said the centerline rumble strips will “enhance safety” on the roadways.

“(Highway 84) is a very active crash road,” he said. “We get a lot of wrecks there, and when we look at some of the head on crashes that occur, they may have been prevented with (rumble strips).”

Thompson said driving off the edge of the road does not always endanger another car, but crossing the centerline endangers any oncoming traffic.

“This will up the safety factor because it will give people added awareness,” he added.

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