McPhetres resigns as commissioner, mayor looking for replacement

The Ennis Town Commission is looking to fill a vacancy as commissioner Diane McPhetres recently resigned to focus on other service work in the community.

“In this year the dynamic of the commission has changed,” McPhetres said. “It’s been a hard year and basically I’ve been burned out.”

McPhetres has served nearly six years on the commission and ran for mayor in 2009, losing to Ennis Mayor John Clark.

“I have all respect for mayor Clark,” McPhetres said. “He’s doing a great job.”

She is the second commissioner to resign this year. Susie Baldwin resigned this past spring because she moved away from town. Becky Vujovich replaced her on the commission.

McPhetres has another year left on her term, she said. Her replacement will complete her term.

A lot of the work the commission does goes unnoticed, she said.

“A lot of work goes unnoticed through everybody on the commission,” McPhetres said. “You get people that come to the meetings and they don’t really see what we’re really trying to do.”

She is pleased that resort tax is going to be on the ballot this spring and feels like the work she and other commissioners did on the ordinance will give the community a clear choice.

McPhetres has lived in Ennis since 2001. She plans on devoting her time now to volunteer efforts and is an active member of the Ennis Lions Club.

Her decision to quit was a tough one to come to, she said.

“I’ve enjoyed my time,” McPhetres said. “I just think it’s time for somebody else to step in and face the local problems.”

Clark wasn’t surprised when McPhetres submitted her letter of resignation.

“She had made the comment a couple of times, so it didn’t really surprise me,” he said.

People interested in being on the town commission need to submit a letter of intent to the town, Clark said. The letter just needs to outline why the candidate should be considered and any ideas they have for the town.

A qualified applicant must reside within the town.

“Mainly there’s really no qualifications other than wanting to serve and having the interest to serve,” he said. “We’d like to see somebody energetic that wants to get involved in the community. I think one of the big things is being open minded and being willing to listen to both sides before they make up their mind on an issue.”

Commissioners have one town commission meeting a month, but may be asked to attend various work sessions, depending on what the commission is working on, Clark said.

“If they do it and do it right, they’re probably looking at two to four hours (of work) a week depending on what’s going on,” he said.

Commissioners are paid $100 a month, plus $50 a month per meeting, up to two meetings, Clark said.

McPhetres served the community well on the town commission, he said.

“She did a really good job.” Clark said. “I hate to see her leave.”

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