Madison Valley Medical Center board to meet in Harrison

The Madison Valley Medical Center will be holding a public meeting next week in Harrison to discuss the Harrison Clinic, which has been closed since early 2009.

The Harrison Clinic was operated by the medical center, but financial issues led to its closure, said Madison Valley Medical Center Director Loren Jacobson.

“The Harrison clinic site was closed due to financial circumstances at the medical center,” Jacobson said.

However, in closing the clinic, the board of directors made the commitment to come back to the community and discuss the future of the clinic, he said.

One of the problems in operating the clinic in Harrison was low amount of patient traffic versus the costs of operating the facility, Jacobson said.

The medical center recently extended their lease on the old clinic building in Harrison, but that extension is about done, he said.

The public meeting will constitute an official Madison Valley Medical Center board meeting.

“We’ll present information about the patient volume and the cost of doing work there and have that discussion,” Jacobson said. “It’s time to put this issue up before the public and get it dealt with”

The meeting will be held on Aug. 31 at 5:30 at the Harrison School.



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