Madison County school election preview

School election ballots are getting set around Madison County and though some mill levy amounts are still being decided on, the slate of candidates is set for each school district.

The filing deadline to run for a school board spot was March 29. The deadline for write-in candidates will be April 12.


Incumbent candidate Kaycee Gilman will run uncontested for the Alder Elementary School District Board of Trustees. There is no mill levy on the election ballot. District clerk Lisa Morgan said the election might be canceled all together since the incumbent candidate would be the only person on the ballot.

Twin Bridges

Twin Bridges has two seats available for the Board of Trustees for the May 8, 2012 school election. Incumbent candidate Joan Philips is running for reelection, and Twin Bridges resident Shawn Dustin has also announced his candidacy for the school board election.

The Twin Bridges School District will also ask voters to approve a mill levy, but the amount they will ask for will be determined at a special school board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Superintendent Chad Johnson said it is unlikely that a candidate forum meeting will be held because the number of filed candidates is the number of open positions on the school board. However, this will not be determined until after the April 12 deadline for write-in candidates.


The Sheridan School District will ask voters to pass two mill levies on the May 8, 2012 school election ballot. One levy is for 22.19 mills that will generate approximately $67,000 for the elementary school, while the other levy for 4.6 mills will generate $18, 367 to support the high school.

Also on the ballot will be three seats on the Sheridan Public Schools Board of Trustees. Incumbent candidate and vice chairwoman Rhonda Boyd is running for reelection, and Sheridan residents Travis Derby and John Hamilton have also announced their candidacy for the school board election.

Superintendent Kim Harding said there probably would not be candidate forum because only two people who have filed for the two open positions.


In Harrison, school board chairman and incumbent Todd Brennan is running for re-election. Jenny Collins has filed as a challenger in the race.

The school board has yet to decide on whether or not to ask voters to support a mill levy this year. That decision will be made at an April 11 meeting, said Judi Ward, Harrison School District Clerk.

A candidate forum for the race has not been scheduled yet, but will happen prior to the election, said Harrison superintendent Darren Strauch.


Two seats are open on the Ennis School Board as neither Marc Glines nor Gary Croy is seeking re-election. Glines currently serves as the school board chairman.

Seeking to replace Glines and Croy are four candidates: Josh Vujovich, Craig George, Chad Coffman and Bill Clark.

The school board will not ask voters to support a mill levy this year.

The school board is also in the midst of a superintendent search to replace current superintendent Doug Walsh, who is retiring in June. A candidate forum for the May 8 election will be scheduled once the board decides on a list of finalists for the superintendent position and has a chance to schedule interviews, said Ennis School District Clerk Ginger Martello.

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