Madison County looks to fill three key positions

After 25 years of service to Madison County, sanitarian Ralph Hamler has retired and Madison County Commissioners are faced with finding someone ready to take over his extensive responsibilities.

In Madison County, the sanitarian is responsible for septic system permits, health inspections at restaurants, the solid waste management program, junk vehicle program and flood plain administration.

“It’s an important position,” said Dave Schulz, Madison County Commissioner. “Not everybody is attuned to being able to do all those things.”

The commissioners are advertising for the job and are hoping to find someone qualified for all the qualifications of the position. In the meantime, the county has temporarily promoted a solid waste management employee to the position of foreman, Schulz said.

For Hamler, he just felt it was time to retire.

“I really enjoyed working with the county and loved everyone up there,” he said.

Over the years the job got demanding and often he would work seven days a week. But he enjoyed the work and the people he worked with.

“I hired some really good people,” Hamler said.

One of his accomplishments was bringing the recycling program to Madison County, which is used to offset taxpayers’ solid waste management assessment.

He knows it will be a challenge to find someone who can wear all the hats he wore.

“In other counties they had as many as three people or even four people doing what I was doing,” Hamler said.

There’s no doubt Hamler will be missed, Schulz said.

“He kind of grew with Madison County’s growth and he did an incredible job of handling all these duties,” he said. “He served the people of Madison County incredibly well.”

In retirement, Hamler is going to do some private consulting work for septic permits along with some hunting, fishing and golf.

“I figured I think I’ll enjoy life with what I have,” he said.

In other employment news, Madison County is also looking to fill the county superintendent of schools position as current superintendent Judi Osborn is retiring. The part-time position must be filled by a person with a valid teaching certificate and is responsible for a variety of oversight duties of county school districts.

The county is also hiring a public health administrator as current administrator Theresa Stack has tendered her resignation. The Madison County Public Health Administrator oversees the public health department.

All job advertisements are in this week’s edition of The Madisonian.




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