Madison County Fair: A celebration for 4-H

4-Hr's lambs being judged in the sale and show arena at the Madison County Fair. Photo by Gerry Mooney.

TWIN BRIDGES – It was a hot week with smoky skies and a few thunderstorms, but none of that could quell the 4-H spirit at the annual Madison County Fair in Twin Bridges.

From start to finish, this year’s fair was all about 4-H, which made sense as all of Montana celebrates 100 years of 4-H in the state.

It seemed that in every corner of the fair someone was either making last-minute preparations for a livestock show, or winding down after coming

This little gal, Lilly didn'€™t care much about all the politicians in the Madison County Fair Parade Sunday, but she did like that American flag. Photo by Gail Banks.

out of the show ring. In the barns, 4-H kids young and old were cleaning animals of every stripe, from little rabbits to 1,200-pound steers.

When the cool weather and thunderstorms hit on Friday morning, about half the lambs in the lamb barn were sporting colorful fabric coats to keep them warm.

The focus on 4-H makes the Madison County Fair special, said Madison County extension agent Andrea Sarchet.

“It’s just a little country fair that’s all about 4-H,” Sarchet said.

This year animals that were sold at the fair took home great prices, which was also great for the kids with sale animals, she said.

Nearly all the steers sold went for more than $3 a pound, Sarchet said. And while it’s typical for the grand champion to sell for more at Saturday’s sale, this year prices remained steady.

“I heard a lot of parents say ‘Those kids should be thankful for the prices they got’ because they did really well,” she said.

This year about 200 4-Hers participated in the fair. They were from 16 different 4-H clubs in both Madison and Jefferson Counties, Sarchet said.

4-H participation in the two counties has been steadily increasing over the past few years and part of it is because families are beginning to realize that even though 4-H has strong agricultural roots, it has diversified over the years.

“They just have a huge number of project to reach kids on all levels,” she said.

The 4-H year starts in October and really culminates at the fair where all participants have to give a talk to judges about their project, whether it is a steer or a Lego project.

“For each one of those entries the kid sits down with the judge and talks through what they did and the judge asks them questions,” Sarchet said.

This breeds confidence and self-esteem, which is important for kids to have an opportunity to experience during their developmental years.

“It’s pretty neat to hear that confidence start to build up in a kid and it takes time,” she said.

For more information on 4-H in Madison and Jefferson County, call or email the extension office at and 287-3282.

Here is the first installment of Madison County Fair Results. Look for more in the weeks to come.


Indoor Exhibit Awards




Champion Teen Leadership: Mariah Carey

Reserve Champion Teen Leadership (ribbon only): Wylie Leo

Champion Wildlife: Tori Wilson

Champion Ranch Science: Erin Brush

Champion Vet Science: Tori Wilson

Champion Indoor Exhibit (Visual Al”tS): MiShai Huckaba

Champion Self-Determined Display: Tori Wilson

Champion Entomology: Zeb Antoinolli

Champion Beginning Overall Leathercraft: Emie Gilbert

Reserve Champion Beginning Overall Leathercraft (ribbon only): Zachariah Curtis

Champion Intermediate Overall Leathercraft: Makenna Livezey

Reserve Intermediate Overall Leathercraft (ribbon only): Lane Sitz

Champion Senior Overall Leathercraft: Cole Dunagan

Reserve Senior Overall Leathercraft (ribbon only): Cameron Carroll

Champion Overall Woodworking: Lane Buus

Reserve Overall Woodworking (ribbon only): Chas Buus


Photography Dept.

Jr. Champion Photograph: Jackson Nye

Jr. Reserve Champion Photograph: Beth Wrzesinski

Jr. Overall Champion Photographer: Mckinley Patritti

Jr. Overall Reserve Photographer: Beth Wrzesinski

Sr. Champion Photograph: Kayla Coffinan

Sr. Reserve Champion Photograph: Morgan Martin

Sr. Overall Grand Champion Photographer: Morgan Martin

Sr. Overall Reserve Champion Photographer: Kayla Coffinan

Overall Champion Scrapbook/Album: Kayla Coffinan

Judges Choice: Morgan Wallace

Ian Wallace: Riah Edsall

Overall Champion Educational Display: Taylre Sitz


Foods Dept.

Sr. Champion Cook: Hailey Hokanson

Sr. Reserve Champion Cook: Rianne Collins

Jr. Champion Cook: (tie) Kyra Armstrong and Katie Hall

Jr. Reserve Champion Cook: Lindsey Curtis

Beginner Champion Cook: Dorothy Mastel

Beginner Reserve Champion Cook: Avery Oliver

Champion Decorated Cake: Mariah Carey

Reserve Champion Decor. Cake: Whitney Mckitrick

Champion Special Cake Recipe: Clay Coffman

Reserve Special Cake Recipe: George Ball

Judges Choice: Gluten Free Kyra Armstrong

Judges Choice: Gluten Free Lindsey Curtis

Sr. Champion Interview: Mariah Carey

Jr. Champion Interview: Avery Oliver


Clothing Dept.

Champion Construction Levell: Lane Buus

Overall Grand Advanced Quilting: Baylee Sciuchetti

Overall Intermediate Quilting: Hailey Hokanson

Overall Beginning Quilting: Josie Hokanson

Best Knitting: Sarah Anson

Best Crochet: Katherine Ball

Reserve Crocheting: Kyra Annstrong

Best Embroidery: Keena Millhouse

Champion Independent Study: Jenny Smith

Judges Choice Award: Baylee Sciuchetti

Cecelia Greutman Memorial Award: Kyra Annstrong


Goat & Dairy:

Sr. Dairy Showman Grand: Ty!er Babcock

Overall Dairy Cow Grand: Ty!er Babcock

SI~ Goat Showman Grand: Tori Wilson

Jr. Goat Showman Grand: Mada!ine Hag!

Champion Dairy Goat Grand: Madeline Hag! Reserve: Madeline Hag!

Product of Dam Grand: Madeline Hag!

Daily Goat Display Purple:Madeline Hag!

Overall Pigmy Goat Grand: Tori Wilson


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