Madison County athletes make all-conference, all-state basketball teams

11/12 C boys and girls basketball coaches gathered to nominate the players on their teams they felt earned a spot on the all conference team.

“Each coach is allowed to nominate the players they feel should be recognized and then they get a minute to talk about each player,” Harrison girls basketball head coach Lisa Cooper said. “All the coaches then vote, but the coaches may not vote for their own players.”

Twenty-two girls and 22 boys are named to the teams, so the coaches rank the players starting at 22 points and moving all the way down to zero, Cooper said.

“The top 11 players are first team and the next 11 are second team,” she said. “After all that voting, whoever the top two vote getters are, are automatically all state.”

Harrison’s Britt Cooper was the number one vote getter in the conference so was automatically named all state, as well.

“There is a lot of talent in our district, and our teams usually do really well in post season play,” Britt said. “So, to be the top vote getter with all the talent I’m surrounded with is such an honor.”

Wildcats Alecia Panagakis, Taya DeFrance and Addie Nesbit were named second team all conference, which L. Cooper said speaks well of the team.

“We had a very good season and we were undefeated going into the tournament,” L. Cooper said. “That helped us get four girls named to the team.”

The Twin Bridges Lady Falcons also found success in the voting. Julia Cox, Paige Phillips, Megan Martin and Jessica George were also all conference – Cox and Phillips were first team and Martin and George were second team. Lady Mustang Delany McNally filled out Madison County’s contribution to the team and was named first team all conference.

For the boys, at least one athlete from every Madison County school made the all conference team, and two Falcons were also named to all state.

Nolan Konen and Tracen Eggers were both all conference and all state.

“We had a very successful season this year,” said Falcon head coach Josh Keller. “I don’t think that coming into the season many people thought that Twin Bridges would present the threat that we did all year long … Much of our success was contributed to the leadership of our seniors, especially (Konen).”

The Falcons finished second in the conference, and were just one game away from going to the state tournament.

“(Eggers) turned into an unbelievable player and really was one of the main driving forces of this team,” Keller said. “It takes an entire team to do some of the things we did this year, and I was proud of how the guys stuck together whether things were going good or we were looking adversity in the eye.”

Mustangs Walker McKitrick and Jake Knack were also first team all conference, while their teammates Wylie Leo and Gavin McKitrick made second team.

For the Harrison Wildcats, Jed Fike made first team all conference. And finally, Colter Kenworthy represented the Sheridan Panthers for second team all conference.

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