Madison conservation district completes stream training

The Madison Stream Team completed their 2013 summer training last Thursday.


The Madison Stream Team is a group of volunteers who monitor streams in the Madison Valley area. Two new volunteers joined the 15 existing volunteers.


The first part of the training consisted of the volunteers doing classroom training, which includes why stream monitoring is important and went over the specific tasks the team would complete.


In the afternoon, the crew went out to Moore’s Creek to complete the actual monitoring tasks including filling samples and taking photos. This is where participants actually got to see equipment and work with it.


Over the course of the summer, the team will be completing 18 monitoring projects on streams throughout the valley. The first project is July 12.


“The training went great,” said Sunni Heikes-Knapton, the Madison Watershed Coordinator. “The volunteers are great and well practiced. Some of them have been there for four years and know just as much about it as I do. We actually had them teach the new volunteers.”

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