Lions Club carnival bring Halloween joy yet again

The Ennis Lions Club enjoyed a record turnout this year for the annual Halloween Carnival held the Ennis elementary school gym and cafeteria, where friends and families young and old took advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the season, enjoy each others company and even load up on some free candy.

Illuminated pumpkins decorate the Ennis elementary school gym on Wednesday, October 31 during the Lions Club Carnival. Photo by Ben Coulter.

From cakewalks and caramel apples to bingo and haunted houses, the Lions Club Carnival had something for everyone.

Wide-eyed toddlers shuffled around the gym in oversized costumes, completely oblivious to how cute they looked as they sized up older kids’ outfits against their own.

A selection of carmel apples sits at a booth during the annual Lions Club Carnival on October 31 at the Ennis elementary school gym. Photo by Ben Coulter.

Elementary and junior high students enjoyed the chance to dress in costume with their friends, even if its only once a year, and high school students plotted out what gleeful mischief they might find once they left the gym and ventured out into the dark Halloween night.

But the night wasn’t just about the kids. Down the hallway the elementary cafeteria was a packed house of adults participating in a furious game of bingo.

Lions Club President Glen Schroeder was pleased to see how many people came out for the event from around the community.

“Just judging by the amount of chatter going on, people sure enjoyed themselves,” he said.

The Lions Club gives the proceeds from the carnival and bingo games to community organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the local food bank.

“We had a good year and we’ll be able to put money back into the community where it’s needed,” said Schroeder. “I think the carnival provides a safe place for parents to bring their children, and it also allows for people that maybe don’t get a chance to visit and see each other real often to interact at the bingo.”

“So it just turns into a very good family event and a good social event, and it benefits everyone,” he said.

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