Letters to the Editor – November 29 Edition

A cruel practice in the Ruby Valley

Dear Editor,

On Halloween, my black cat disappeared without a trace. She had been with me for two years and was not only a companion, but she also kept our home, garage and sheds mouse free.

After many phone calls to no avail, I personally visited with neighbors behind me. To my dismay and disgust, I discovered one of these men? Is trapping cats and, as he informed me, “relocating” them miles away! I can’t imagine a more cruel fate for an animal not only attached to her people, but to her home! It obviously never occurred to this guy that he may not only catch strays, but family pets. Or, maybe, he just doesn’t care. When you caught an obviously well fed, cared for and loved animal, the least you could have done was to try to find her owners or better yet…turn her lose…she would have come home. We’re not that far away and it’s not like we’re in a big city with thousands of people.

As for the strays, why not take them to the Humane Society where they would be warm, well fed and loved until they could find a home. There is no charge for a drop off and at least they would have a chance for a good life. Please don’t dump them out like garbage to become someone else’s problem.

I have no illusions of ever seeing my beloved pet again, especially now that she was dumped God knows where, with winter coming on. The irony is that she found me when she was about four weeks old after being…you guessed it…dumped by someone else!

Funny how we humans believe that we are the “superior” species. I can’t think of any other that is as cruel.

I don’t believe in coincidence, but I do believe in Karma. I have no doubt that you will be paid in kind whether it be in this world or the next. Also, to you geniuses out there who are using cats, small dogs, or any other helpless creature you can get our hands on to train your big dogs, shame on you. Karma will find you sooner or later too. Karma always wins.

If anyone out there has seen a shiny black, long haired, short tailed cat dumped in the past three weeks, please call me at 842-5090. We miss her.

To anyone three miles north of Sheridan in the Hwy 287/Tuke Lane area who may be missing cats, please feel free to call me as I can give you a pretty educated guess as to what may have happened to them. Like I said, no such thing as coincidence.

Sheila Burke


One Response to Letters to the Editor – November 29 Edition

  1. I’m so sorry, Sheila, that you and your beloved cat, were victims of ignorance and arrogance. I hope everyone reads your letter and puts collars on their pets with return info on them. Maybe your cat-napper will feel some remorse and responsibility to return pets that have a collar.

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