Letters to the Editor – September, 26, 2013

With much gratitude

There is nothing more painful and heartbreaking as losing Mike that was visible on everyone’s face that came out for our family and for Mike. The outpouring of love, generosity, kindness and concern for our family has been amazing. This community comes together in the best and worst of times in such a way that is awe-inspiring.

There are so many people who we the family would like to sincerely thank from the bottom of our hearts and we don‘t want to forget the kindness of anyone so we hope that we mention you here if not, I thank you now. The Madison County Sheriff’s Dept., Ruby Valley Ambulance, Ruby Valley Hospital, Keith at K&L Mortuary, Pastor Ben, Rick Dale, Main Street Market, High Mountain Excavation, Beacon Business, The Madisonian, The Inback Steakhouse, the schools of Twin Bridges, Sheridan and Ennis. Their efforts and response to this tragedy have exemplified what is the best in all of us. So many people brought food, flowers and necessities around the clock, so I literally don’t know all of them. I just know that it was sincerely appreciated.

I would like to send special thanks to Katie Greibenow and Mistea Pfertsh for their song, Mrs. Sandru and all the students who helped with the service, the Twin Bridges School for flying the flag at half-mast and all they have done to assist with the service and for helping the kids deal with this loss, the Falcon Cheerleaders for helping with the balloons, Coach Lott and Falcon football team for leading us out to the field and for carrying Michael’s jersey to every game this year. That’s so nice, and Michael would have loved that.

I thank every person who left a card and a hug, and for every single thought and prayer for Michael and us. All of them are precious and will never be forgotten. We are truly blessed to live among such extraordinary people.


With Much gratitude,

The Pfertsh family

Montana Heritage Commissioner thanks contributors


On behalf of the Montana Heritage Commission, I wanted to express my gratitude to the individuals and organizations that contributed to the successful 150th Anniversary season in Virginia City. Through a team effort we are now the no. 1 state owned tourist attraction in the state of Montana. This success has contributed to a record season in revenue that helps go towards Montana’s historical buildings and history. We wanted to give special recognition to Governor Steve Bullock, The Department of Commerce, The Town of Virginia City, The 150th committee, The Virginia City Chamber of Commerce, and the business owners in Virginia and Nevada City. We also want to thank The Madisonian for its help in advertising the true treasure of the treasure state.


Best Regards,

Elijah Allen, Director of Operations


Montana Heritage Commissioners – Marilyn Ross, Chairperson-Twin Bridges; Bill Howell, – West Yellowstone; Barbie Durham, Cameron; Shara Konen, Ennis; Cyndy Andrus, Bozeman; Dr. Timothy Lehman, Billings; Bob Lawson, Whitefish; Philip Maechling, Florence; Jason Davis, Helena; Bruce Wittenberg, Director of the Montana Historical Society; Jeff Hagener, Director of Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Meg O’Leary, Director of Commerce


Knowledge of spotted knapweed is good


Dear residents of Madison County,

Most of you may know that we country folk have been waging and expensive and time-consuming war against the invasive spotted knapweed.

In 1994-1995, spotted knapweed increased greatly in the Alder-Sheridan area. So we have had to put a lot of extra time into gathering or spraying the knapweed.

The pollen from the knapweed is an unpleasant addition to the air.  Also, gathering the weeds without the protection of leather gloves can be cancer causing.

This fall hunting season, you could help us who are spending a lot of time controlling the knapweeds by learning to recognize spotted knapweed and avoid driving on roads or trails that have been overrun by the weeds.  Also, I believe it would be a good idea to inform your young hunters about the dangers of gathering the weeds without wearing protective leather gloves.

Margie Edsall at the Madison County weed office just south of Alder can help you with weed identification and ways to keep your vehicle weed seed free.

I have been using biological and chemical agents to control the knapweeds since 1994.  In those years, I have learned a lot about knapweed control and the possibilities of renewing trees that have been injured by drift from the weed sprays.

One beneficial effect of gathering the knapweed is that you can pile the weeds close to trees or shrubs that you want to keep and the weeds will provide nutrition to the soil that the plants need.

Steve Cox



Golf course concerns off base


Dear Editor,

I don’t know where to start.  I am reading Zack Jepson’s’ “main concerns” to the Madison Meadows Golf Course Board of Directors.  He is so far off base; you’d think he just fell off the turnip truck.  If he is so pleased with the other golf courses around here, he should go play them.  Maybe he can find some place where “crews start at 5 a.m.” to quote his comments.

He is right that there is room for improvements.  However, six years ago this course was bankrupt.  That is when Tom and Lynn Leeming took over and started down the road to fiscal responsibility.  Since then, the financial situation has steadily improved.  But there is a long way to go before there will be money to deal with the “dandelions and clover.”  Volunteers for the last two seasons have dealt with the gophers very well.

He complains he “can not get an updated budget or finance report.” Budgets and financial reports have always been available, and were available at that meeting.

The complaints go on for more than two pages.  As a result of all this, Tom Leeming has resigned from his position on the board.  We wish him well. It will be very difficult to find someone to replace him.

Don Scudder


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