Letters to the Editor – Sept. 12, 2013

County residents have constitutional right to approve this sizable project  

Dear Editor,

Once again, Madison County residents have been denied the right to vote. The issue of a new county facility has been rejected twice by the voters. This time the issue was not taken to them. The fact is very few residents are even aware. The merits of the project are not the issue. If feel you have the right to vote on this capitol improvement, contact the commissioners office at 843-4277 or e-mail madco@madison.mt.gov. Time is an issue so please contact ASAP.

I sent the following letter to the commissioners and you should too:


It has been brought to our attention, that a plan to build an annex to accommodate the offices of Madison County Government has been completed, and bids for services to complete this project have been requested. We have seen no news article in our county’s “paper of record,” informing the residents of completion of the plans or the cost of this project. We are assuming what you have completed is up to the M.C.A codes. We feel that even though the County Commissioners have been able to collect and reserve $3,500,000 of taxpayer funds, the projected cost of the project, the residents of Madison County have the Constitutional right to give our approval to this very sizable project.

With this in mind, we respectfully request that construction of this annex be promptly placed on a ballot, to be voted on by the voters of Madison County. We trust that your good judgment will prevail and you will see that circumventing the voters’ authority at the ballot box is not the constitutional way.


John Claypool



Don’t take the bait, America

Dear Editor,

Wake up America!  Do you really think your President cares about the destruction of innocent human life?  This President’s entire career has been spent supporting the death camps of Planned Parenthood and the global elites’ agenda to reduce the earth’s population by two thirds.  Making war fits nicely into this plan.  Exploiting the deaths of children in Syria, and down-playing the fact that we will be siding with Al-Qaeda, will surely work if we remain dumb enough to take the bait.

If you want more information on this, see “Science meets UN Agenda 21, Eugenics and Population Control”, by John O’Sullivan.

Bob Wagner


Thank you for your support through this hard time


Thank you to everyone who shared their kindness through cards, phone calls and visits for Pearl as she lived her life. Even more thanks go out to those who sent cards, made calls, brought food and visited with me after her passing.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated – much more than I can give thanks for.


Elmer Visser and Family



Thank you to a very caring community


Thank you to all of you that supported us in such a tragic time. A special thank you to the staff at Harrison School, to Wendy’s coworkers at the Madison Valley Manor, to Kelly Peterson, and to the Harrison-Pony Ladies Aid Society. Thank you, so much, to Bernie Brophy of Butte Granite Works. It meant a lot to us to have had Wendy’s headstone in place before her interment.


Doug Strong Family



Thanks for your support during my treatment


To family and friends, thank you for your prayers, cards, and letters while I was in the Veterans’ Hospital in Salt Lake City for cancer treatment.


Norm Dixon



Thank you for all the help


Thank you to the Twin Bridges Fire Department and volunteers who helped clean up our yard after the windstorm did so much damage.  It was overwhelming to lose so many trees, but the expertise, donated equipment, and muscle from volunteers got us back on track quickly.


Douglas and Janice Denson

Twin Bridges


Thanks for putting on “The Last Hurrah”


I am sure that everyone who attended “The Last Hurrah”, Virginia City School reunion, joins me in thanking Evalyn Johnson for organizing the event.  She did a marvelous job.  So, thank you, Evalyn, your efforts are greatly appreciated! A special thanks to the Elks, also, for allowing us to use their facility, and to the Outlaw Café – the food was delicious!

Terry (Dixon) Bray


One Response to Letters to the Editor – Sept. 12, 2013

  1. Katleen Mumme says:

    I’m very surprised that John Claypool writes that he knew nothing about the planned construction of an building annex to the county’s courthouse. A very quick search of The Madisonian’s website brought up no fewer than five stories about the subject and the plan just over the last several years. There were also numerous public meetings held to talk about the need for more room for county offices, better storage for our historic records, and, at the top of the list, handicap accessibility, and asking for public input. Additionally, every county resident has the ability to attend weekly commissioners’ meetings and to access the minutes of those meetings at the county’s website 24 hours a day, every day. Believe me, this subject has come up, many, many times. I think that it’s important to note that after the voters turned down the last bond issue, an advisory committee was set up to address taxpayer and citizen concerns. This body met for months and, after surveys and many meetings with county personnel and residents, came away with the decision that additional space and upgrades were, indeed, needed. The current plan is far different from the last one and, it is my understanding that capital improvement funds are available now for construction. Please be aware that this plan does does NOT include a detention center. These plans have always been available to the public for viewing.
    Voting is one of our most cherished rights — (and one, I might add, that many of our forefathers and foremothers had to fight to obtain!)– but it is also our responsibility as cituzens, taxpayers and voters to be well informed. I feel very strongly that our commissioners have done a good job in keeping us informred and in listening to those concerns. I applaud them now for moving ahead with this badly needed project. Afterall, entrusting these individuals with these decisions is the reason we elected them.

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