Letters to the Editor – Oct. 31, 2013

As low as it can get

Where in the world is this country going?

Close down the World War II Memorial – why? These brave men fought so we could have freedom and this is the thanks they get. We have two family members who gave their lives and are buried somewhere over there and some think that these World War II vets deserve closing down their memorial. Whoever ordered this does not know their history very well. This is about as low as it can get. I take my hat off to all vets for what they did to save our freedom and my prayers go out to you. Thank you.

Wally Klose

Twin Bridges

Why do non-governmental organizations trump citizens, elected officials

Last week Senator Debby Barrett wrote an excellent article about the lack of public input in the Grizzly Bear Management Plan Draft EIS for Southwestern Montana, which is a plan written by Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks.  Senator Barrett pointed out the inordinate amount of input and influence that five nationally recognized non-governmental organizations (NGOs) had in the scoping process, while the public scoping was never really opened to the public.  This glaring omission and the lack of local government input into the scoping process was pointed out by Commissioner Leonard Wortman last year in a letter to then FWP Director Joe Maurier and Montana State Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator, Deb O’Neill.  It obviously fell on deaf ears.

There is a reason for this lack of input from elected officials and I will attempt to explain why NGOs are allowed a seat at the table when regular citizens and local elected officials are not. This is not an oversight, it is a very well thought out plan to change our system of government from “of, by, and for the people” to “of, by, and for the special interests” and tax exempt foundations that now seem to control every aspect of our daily lives.

U.N. technocrats developed the concept of NGOs in the 1950s as a way of promoting international policies and programs that were unconstitutional and against American self-interest, all the while appearing to be driven by local or national environmental groups.  Through seemingly “grassroots” organizations they developed international advertising campaigns, hired scores of attorneys, poured millions of dollars into lobbying efforts, and hired scientists and experts to promote their radical agenda.  Many seemingly desirable ideas have been taken to the extreme by radical environmental NGOs that don’t care one iota about your rural livelihood or property rights.  I’ll bet if you check, the five “nationally recognized environmental groups” mentioned are actually five internationally recognized and U.N. sanctioned NGOs that have a much different agenda than the folks living and working here in southwest Montana.

The next time you consider sending money to an environmental group to save something, I suggest that you take the time to research their finances, board of directors, national or international accreditation and statement of purpose.  You might be surprised with what you find.

Dan Happel

Commissioner – Madison County District 2

The divided state of America

“And to the republic for which it stands,” is recited each time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.  However, if asked very few could identify the principles of our republic that we are united upon these days.  The popular political culture dictates divisions such as blue or red states, left or right leaning, conservative or liberal thinking, and radical or main-stream.  This division is no accident.  Our constitution and its foundational principles are being attacked in the name of “hope and change” (Barack Obama), and for ushering in the “new world order” (George Bush, Sr.).

The thought of such is “radical” only to those lulled asleep by the comforts of an illusion of prosperity, security and peace.  The reality is our country today measures its prosperity in debt, it’s security in police superiority and abandonment of individual rights and it’s peace in the apparent lack of will and fortitude of it’s people.  Media and education play a vital role in this deception.  Seventy-five years ago this week we celebrated the radio broadcast of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds.” He proved the power of media over the minds of men.  Since then the only check on media mind control has been the education system and the churches of America.  Our constitution and the principles it is built upon rests in the hands of our education system and our churches.

De Tocqueville observed that the success of the United States rests in the fact that there is little separation in our religious principles and our constitution, and the people of the U.S. know them both very well.

Today the average citizen would struggle to understand the purpose of limited government or personal accountability.  Even fewer would understand the financial means of which the world banking industry and the means of which mainstream media play a role in promoting the “new world order.”

Our constitution and Christian values historically have preserved the republic for which we stand.  Is it any wonder why they are being attacked by the Socialist progressive agenda?

The war for the world is very much alive and well in America.

Bob Wagner


Donation, ongoing support appreciated

Thank you once again to the Madison Meadows Women’s Golf Association for donating the proceeds from your 2013 Invitational Golf Tourney to the Breast & Cervical Health Program’s local treatment fund.  Our gratitude extends to Carol Bennett-tourney organizer, the golfers, businesses and all who make the tourney happen.  Your ongoing support in assisting the women of our communities is greatly appreciated.

BCHP local treatment fund


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