Letters to the Editor-Nov. 28, 2013

Ennis Chief of Police apologizes for sticker situation

Dear Ennis Community Members,

The Ennis Police Department has the responsibility for enforcing parking rules and regulations in the Town of Ennis.  This is not a popular job.  Illegally or improperly parked vehicle may seem like a minor matter, however, in an emergency, these minor violations become serious problems.  Public safety vehicles need to safely access and leave emergency scenes or the roadways need to be clear to expedite the flow of traffic for an unexpected evacuation.  This is duty is most important at events where there is a large gathering of people- such as a high school game.

During the recent state high school football game, 12 improperly or illegally parked vehicles were given written warnings.  Due to the normal windy climate in Ennis, the EPD sometimes uses orange stickers to warn the drivers or owners of illegally or improperly parked vehicles.  When used, they are applied to the glass, and not to the metal, to prevent potentially damaging any paint.  In the past, these stickers have always peeled right off.  Apparently, the cool temperatures on Saturday were just right and caused the stickers to adhere more than ever before.  The EPD did not become aware of the issue until the game was over and it was rightfully brought to our attention.

The EPD admits when mistakes are made and we want to make this right with the public.  As Chief of Police, I offer my personal apology to the persons inconvenienced by the well-adhering stickers.  The orange stickers have been thrown away and they will no longer be used.  The reserve officer was shocked and horrified when he found out the stickers did not peel right off.   He has offered to personally apologize and assist anyone who needs help in removing these stickers.  He will be on-shift this Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the EPD.

The EPD does not want this incident to detract from Saturday’s amazing and memorable event-our Ennis Mustangs becoming State Champions!


Scott Newell

Chief of Police


Thankful for living in community full of giving

Dear Editor,

Good grief, sometimes the world seems such an absurd place what with otherwise normal people doing truly stupid things just to get some publicity, undisciplined celebrities wiggling on stage in next to no clothes, sports stars cheating in limitless ways and getting into trouble with the police and government officials doing whatever it is that they do. But, the world isn’t really like that at least not here in rural SW Montana. All that worldly nonsense does is to cause me to think about how lucky I am to live in a small community in Madison County. It is where life is truly filled with those that deserve publicity. Our community is filled with residents that embody generosity, humility, and hospitality.  They are legendary individuals who are truly deserving of recognition.  I was reminded again of this fact this last week.

Last Wednesday evening, our little village rallied around a great cause to help the Miller family in their time of need. It seemed as if the entire town came out that chilly evening to support the cause, and it was incredibly inspiring to see the love and warmth the citizens of this small place could produce. People from all across the valley gave generously of their time, talent and resources.

There are so many of our friends and neighbors here in our little neck of the woods who are quietly serving our community and families like the Millers without recognition or anything in return. I for one appreciate all those who selflessly participate in community events whether that is done by donating their time, their money, talents and/or resources. You all deserve the limelight in my opinion.

There are those in the big world who pity us for living a sheltered existence without the glitz and glamor of the so called super stars and city lights but, I for one am thankful for living in this community. I appreciate and am overwhelming grateful for having the opportunity to coexist with people like those that supported the Miller family. You are worthy of accolades much larger than any Pulitzer, Vince Lombardi Trophy or Oscar at least in my estimation.

Jack Leber

Twin Bridges


Still time to fix Montana’s Medicaid program

Dear Editor,

Last spring extreme conservative leadership blocked a bipartisan compromise to accept federal funds and expand Montana’s Medicaid program to give 70,000 uninsured Montanans access to healthcare.

This decision was reckless and will cause real harm to Montanans, our rural hospitals and our local economies. Because we rejected federal dollars, Montana’s money will go to other states like North Dakota, New Jersey and California. Because we rejected this money, Montana’s will have to wait to access care. That has an enormous human impact on our families and neighbors, but it also increases the cost of healthcare for everyone else.

The good news is we still have time to fix this! The Montana Legislature can come back to Helena and get the job done before even one Montanan has to wait an extra day for care, and before one of our tax dollars goes to another state. Legislators who want to find a solution should work with Governor Bullock to put the health and wellbeing of Montanans ahead of politics. Work together on a compromise and then come back to Helena and get it done.

Karen Shores, Cameron

Janet Allestead, Virginia City


We give thanks

Thank you for the overwhelming, loving and generous support from our community and all who attended, contributed and organized the Sarah Miller Benefit – “Date Night for Sadie’s Sake.”

Our hearts are full and words cannot fully express our sincere appreciation. We are all truly blessed to live in this community.

Sarah and Justin Miller, Eva, Benjamin and Ruben

Robert and Leslie Clark


Thefts at Nearly New distressing

To the Editor,

The Madison Valley Woman’s Club, which was founded in April of 1920, has been supporting charitable organizations in the Madison Valley since its inception. Our major fundraising enterprise is the Nearly New Shoppe located on Main Street in Ennis. Through the efforts and dedication of our hard working volunteers, the Madison Valley Woman’s Club was able to make charitable donations to 31 different organizations during the 2012-2013 fiscal, which totaled approximately $60,000.

This being said, it is with great sorrow, we inform the public that the Nearly New has been experiencing storewide theft. During the period of Nov. 13 to Nov. 18, two Madison County history books were taken from a Nearly New display case in the front of the store. These books were property of the Woman’s Club and were memorabilia of our club. The intrinsic value of these books is priceless.

We are heartbroken and hurt that anyone would take these items from the store. In addition to the loss we have sustained within the store, continued theft from the donation box is taking place. Removing items from the Nearly New, whether it is from the store or donation box, is stealing funds from the 31 charitable organizations we currently support.

It is most distressing and hurtful to the club that this is happening at all in the Town of Ennis. Most importantly, it is upsetting to the numerous volunteers who make these donations possible through their hard work and dedication.

We would like the history books returned to the Nearly New, no questions asked and no prosecutions to take place. Simply return them.

The Executive Board

Madison Valley Woman’s Club


New leadership for Ruby Valley Toys for Tots

Retired Marine Ed Walter of Twin Bridges will assume the command of the Marines who have managed the Ruby Valley Toys for Tots from Virginia City to Waterloo. Anyone in this area who knows of any needy children who could use a morale pick-up during the holidays, please call Walter at 684-5179, Joe Degel at 842-5192, Bill Hanley 684-5287 or Jim Paul at 684-5183. Due to a kidney failure, MSGT Hanley will aid Walter this year and wants the Santa Distribution Day at his house for the last time on Sunday, Dec. 22. This will be the 11th year for our program.

Families in the Virginia City and Alder area can sign up at Chicks in Alder. I’d like to thank the people of Ruby Valley. In the past you made it possible for as many children as 138 to enjoy a happier Christmas. We got the toys, but you found those needy kids. Please continue the good work with Walter.

Our collection boxes will be at the banks, 3Rivers Quik Stop in TB. Blue Anchor, The Shack, TB High School and the Main Street Market in TB until Dec. 20.

Bill Hanley,

Past Toys for tots Leader

Ruby Valley

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