Letters to the Editor – Nov. 14, 2013

Thanks for donation

Dear Editor,

The Friends of the Madison Valley Public Library would like to thank the staff at the Imerys Talc America Mine at Cameron for the generous donation of $1,000 for the third quarter of 2013. This generous donation will help the Friends to continue our goal of maintaining a strong, vibrant and relevant community library.

With much appreciation,

Friends of the Madison Valley Public Library

Judy Miller, Treasurer


Dead moose raises concerns

Someone shot a moose and this intentional, accidental or defensive action resulted in the death of an animal that MT FW & Parks values at a minimum of  $1,000.  MT game wardens and others are seriously evaluating the situation, even offering rewards for information, in an attempt to file charges against the perpetrator. Excellent!

Unfortunately, this is not consistent with their normal reaction to other illegal activities resulting in the death of moose, elk, deer and other MT wildlife.  Montana law states that anyone responsible for a dog that harasses or kills MT wildlife, without first acquiring a specific license, is liable for the action even if they are not with the dog.

By law this activity results in fines, restitution costs, loss of hunting privileges and perhaps incarceration.

Wolves are dogs and the responsibility of MT FW & Parks wolf management department.  They currently pay some ranchers restitution for losses. This proves their acceptance of liability.

Wardens know of wolf kills and who the wolf management team is in that area. Failure to enforce this law is a violation of their duty to enforce MT law. A county attorney stated to me, “Have the warden file a charge, ticket and I will follow through as I do with all of their tickets.”  At the start of 2013 Montana had at least 625 adult wolves including 147 pairs of which 37 were known breeders and the rest likely breeders, resulting in 200 to 500 pups.   Federal Fish & Wildlife suggests 100 wolves including 10 breeding pair.  MT Fish & Wildlife plans indicate 150 wolves including 15 breeding pair. The extra wolves will consume more than 20 million dollars worth of MT wildlife in 2013.

MT officials have passed the liability to Fish & Wildlife and they are shirking their duty and passing it on to Montana citizens.  Hopefully the wardens will do their work and Montana citizens will kill or hire killed all extra wolves to save Montana wildlife.

Arnold Buchanan



Friend-filled birthday party a surprise

I want to thank everyone who conspired with Sherri and gave me the wonderful surprise birthday party the other night. It was great to share a milestone birthday with so many friends.  I would love to thank all who were there, but alas, at my age I would probably miss someone. Thanks you all for being friends, some of you I have known for years, and some for only a few years, all friends though.

A very special thanks to my wonderful wife and best friend, you never cease to amaze me.  How you find time in your schedule I have no idea.  I love you so much and thanks for being there for over half of those 60 years.

Thanks to my father and mother-in-law, Bill and Karen, for being co-conspirators. You are the best.  You do still owe me a burger at the G Bar.

Thanks to everyone for the card and items. I will try to thank you all individually but Mary O. thanks for the wonderful book.

Thank you who called, texted, emailed even though you weren’t here.

Thanks everyone again and remember the coffee pot is always on at our house (the motel).

Love to you all

Joel Shows

Ennis, MT


No stones unturned for retirement party

The party planners left no stones unturned at their surprise party at the Sitz Angus Ranch on Nov. 2.

A mere thank you seems so insignificant to express my appreciation to everyone who was at part of my retirement party. It is a small wonder that I would truly enjoy a teaching career in the generous and caring community of Pony, Harrison and Norris.

May God bless all of you.

Deanie Jackson

Norris, MT


Oh no, not for my employees

Now we know why the Department of Health and Human Resources refused to give a weekly report on the enrollment of Obamacare.

Day one, a grand total of six Americans had enrolled.  On day two, that number rose to 100.  On day three, a grand total of 248 Americans had successfully made complete enrollments.

On Fox News, it was announced by a small business employer that her group insurance did not conform to the 14 medical categories that have to be covered.  When she talked to her insurer, she was told what those 14 medical categories were. Pregnancy, birth control methods, your normal medical problems and the Obamacare procedures include sex changes.

If this cancellation is true, all those companies that were granted a waiver for a year had better dig those group policies out and study them.

In the U.S. Senate, all the democrats voted for Obamacare. Republicans all voted no.  In the vote on Oct. 31, 2013, all the republicans in the senate voted to include congressional employees into Obamacare.  Every democrat voted no to make senate employees enroll in Obamacare.  It is good/bad enough for all Americans except those who work with democratic politicians. Where was this attitude when they passed a law none of them read?

Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges

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