Letters to the Editor, May 24 edition

A heartfelt thank you for support

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all the people for the support I was given at the special board meeting on Monday night and through the signatures on the petition that was presented to the school board.  I can’t express how much this meant to my entire family. This is one reason we live in small communities.

Unfortunately, the event that lead up to this outpouring of support drove the wedge dividing the community even deeper. I have heard and continue to hear through campaigns, individual conversations, newspaper articles, etc. that the community needs to heal and move forward.  With that said, “It is time to put up or shut up!” I know this will not be easy for anyone because I, as well as many of you, have a sour taste in my mouth and have had for the last two and half years. We all need to forgive, compromise and let go of all the hate to achieve this goal. I plan to do my best to achieve this goal and also to set a good example for my children who are fifth generation residents in this valley. I want them to have the same pride in their community that I had growing up.

Ginger Martello


What good is the Constitution?

Dear Editor,

I attended the political forum in Twin Bridges on May 17. I listened to three candidates competing for Representative of District 71. In their talk, all three told how important the Constitution of the U.S. and of Montana was to the people of Montana.

But did you know in recent years we have elected three Presidents that have circumvented the Constitution of the U.S.?

President Reagan invaded Grenada without the approval of Congress – a violation of the Constitution. He also circumvented the Constitution with his arms trade to Iran.

President George Bush senior circumvented the Constitution when he sent troops to the Gulf War. Then to top off things, President Bush pardoned most of the Iran-Contra criminals from the Reagan years. No justice!

George W. Bush circumvented the U.S. Constitution by declaring war on Iraq. President Bush stated on the national news, “You need to have a President who understands you can’t win this war with legal papers. We’ve got to use every asset at our disposal.”

Then the Bush Administration wrote the Patriot Act and Mr. Bush signed it into law. It gave the President unconstitutional power to override the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the Constitution. One of President Bush’s aides told the President, “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermines the Constitution.”

Mr. Bush then replied, “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it’s just a damn piece of paper.”

So, what good is the Constitution if we don’t hold those accountable who break the laws of the United States?

La Von D. Brillhart


Please support mosquito district levy

Dear Editor,

To Twin Bridges residents: While this year is shaping up to be drier and hotter than last season, the Twin Bridges Mosquito District (TBMD) is looking to gain additional funding through a mill levy on June 5. Currently there are 5 mills in place for the mosquito district and the TBMD is asking voters to increase the mills to 13. Home owners with houses valued at $100,000 would see an approximate $19 per year increase, and those with homes valued at $200,000 would see an approximate $38 per year increase.

Montana has 40 different varieties of mosquitos and it seems Twin Bridges may very well house 80 percent of those varieties! The district is 17,000 acres, but recent fogging and larvicide work has only been able to be accomplished in and around the city limits of Twin Bridges due to restricted budgets. The cost of fuel and pesticide increases every year and in order to complete larvicide work, a certain amount of testing is required by law. Each fogging runs close to $1,000 and aerial work is not viable due to the type of planes needed to accomplish the work as well as cost. The TBMD currently has a budget of $3,028 and if the mill levy passes, it will raise approximately $9,600 each year for TBMD.

Mosquito season in Montana only runs for about four months, but those four months can be brutal when you try to recreate outdoors in Twin Bridges. There are many community events that happen over the course of the summer, and in order to make summers fun and comfortable, TBMD needs your vote of yes to increase mills on June 5.

Dave Smith
TBMD Board Chair
Twin Bridges

Special Olympics benefits from kindness and generosity

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Special Olympians, I would like to thank those who sponsored me for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. Through your kindness and generosity, you have empowered and enriched the lives of these fine athletes.

Thank you to: Karen Brown, Janet Fortner, Linda Hamrock, Diane Todd, Kim and Zach Forbes, Ingrid Lawrence, Dixie Hokanson, Hollowtop Construction/Jim Hilton, Madison Management/Kathy Looney, Greater Yellowstone Furniture/Nancy Nellis, Norris Hot Springs/Holly Heinzman, Fresh Ideas/Janet Zimmerman.

Rachel Liff


In appreciation of beneficial candidate forum

Dear Editor,

I would like to give a genuine “thank you” to the people of House District 71 for their participation in the candidate’s forum held in Twin Bridges Thursday night. Their interest and support was greatly appreciated, and their questions were “on target.”

I would also like to thank all the candidates, and the moderators for the congenial atmosphere shown at this forum, which added a very positive note to this informative meeting.

Robert Kennedy

Candidate for HD 71


May God bless all of you for caring and support

Dear Editor,

It goes without saying that we reside in one of the most wonderful, caring communities a person could ever hope to live in.

We just want to express our deepest gratitude for all of the offers of help, cards, food, phone calls, e-mail messages, visits and prayers during Larry’s battle to survive a very serious staph infection. We sincerely appreciated the help of friends and neighbors during calving and their taking care of the cows so our family could attend the girls’ state Class C basketball tournament. We extend a special thanks to Dr. Madany who recognized the seriousness of the situation and life-flighted Larry to Missoula where there were surgeons and doctors who were able to provide the necessary care and treatment.

We are very grateful for the expert care of the medical personnel at St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula. Thanks to Pastors Ben, Ken and Larry for your visits, prayers and support. We also thank all of you who took the time to send messages on the Caring Bridge website. They meant so much to us, especially during Larry’s long stay in the hospital. We extend a very special thanks and appreciation for the huge generosity and thoughtfulness of the “secret Santa” who had a new garden shed delivered to our house while we were in Missoula.

We know that all of the prayers being sent up for Larry were a vital element in his recovery and we praise God for his grace and healing. Many thanks and may God bless each and every one of you.

Larry and Niki Martin

Troy, Mary, Morgan and Megan Martin

Wagner questions Shaw, Kennedy on fidelity to Constitution

Dear Editor,

This past Thursday evening I was honored to be invited to the candidate forum at Twin Bridges sponsored by the Rotary Club.

After some consideration, it was apparent that both Ray Shaw and Robert Kennedy agree that the Constitution is the rule of law and should be respected. The million-dollar question is have either of them read it? By their responses, I would guess not. Our problems with wolves, mining, forest management, and medical care are a result of federal intervention into the state’s business. See Article II, Sec. 2, Montana State Constitution, “The people have the exclusive right of governing themselves as a free, sovereign and independent state.”

Suggested compromise by Shaw and Kennedy simply put amounts to how much money can the state receive from the federal government if we go along to get along. The problem with this approach is that since the l960s, Montana has drifted from one of the richest per capita states to near the lowest per capita in personal wealth. You’d think that a multi-generational Montanan would see more clearly that compromise has had a devastating consequence on our families, businesses and prosperity. Subsidized poor decisions only promote more poor decisions.

The simple fact is that when the federal government sneezes, Montana gets a cold. There is no such thing as a local issue that is not the result of a jealous, over-reaching federal government. Currently, Montana receives $1.40 in the form of grants and aid for every dollar paid to the federal government. This is the bribe that those who compromise cannot resist. While some believe this is “free” money, the reality is that we are selling our children into the slavery of indebted servitude because there is nothing free – someone will pay for it. I believe it is long past time to abandon this insanity and act like and operate as a free and independent state. United only in the delegated powers granted the federal government, Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

Believing in the Constitution is not enough. Acting on its authority, holding ourselves and others accountable to it and exercising our sovereign state’s rights are the only road back to the freedom and prosperity Montana has lost – and that is worth fighting for.

As always, you can reach me at bobwagner@yahoo.com, or my number is in the phone book.

Rep. Bob Wagner

House Distric 71


Thank you for support of Ruby Valley Food Pantry

Dear Editor,

To my Ruby Valley Neighbors: On behalf of the Ruby Valley Food Pantry board of directors, I thank you and the U.S. Postal Service for a successful food drive on Saturday, May 12. From chicken noodle soup to spaghetti sauce to canned pineapple to devils food cake mix, you contributed both staples and special treats for food pantry clients. Local postmasters in Alder, Sheridan, and Twin Bridges collected a combined total of nearly 275 pounds of cans and packages!

Whether living alone or trying to support a family, those who cannot afford to put adequate food on the table will benefit from your generosity in the coming weeks.

Our Food Pantry welcomes all in need of basic food supplies. We serve the “greater” Ruby Valley community, from roughly Virginia City to Silver Star. We are open every Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon. The New Beginnings Christian Fellowship provides us space for our program. The Pantry is located in the Church, at 114 N. Main Street in Sheridan (across the street from the Ruby Valley National Bank). For questions or an emergency food need, please contact 842-7161 or 842-5783.

Doris Fischer


Ruby Valley Food Pantry


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