Letters to the Editor-March 27, 2014

Daines is strong leader Montana needs

Montanans have been anxiously waiting for a strong leader to step forward and run for the open U.S. Senate race, and with Congressman Steve Daines in the race, we have that leader.

Senator Max Baucus decided to step down, rather than face the voters in 2014 after the failures of Obamacare, legislation that he is the chief architect of. Senator Baucus rightfully acknowledged the “train wreck” that continues to occur with the implementation of the law, but unfortunately only one member of our delegation actually seems committed to stopping its harmful consequences.

With Steve Daines running for senate, we have an opportunity to change the senate and craft policy that will work for the people of this country, not politicians. If Obamacare is so great, why are the president, members of congress and Washington bureaucrats not the first in line to sign up? Because it is a broken law that is causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose their insurance, their doctors and their income. Daines will be a much needed “no vote” on Obamacare in the senate and we need to help get him there.

Billie Love



Madison Valley Public Library says goodbye to two employees

Thank you, Friends of the Library, for hosting our fun retirement party.  Thanks to everyone from the community who stopped by to wish us good luck.  It has been a privilege to serve the Madison Valley at the Madison Valley Public Library.  We have met many wonderful people, residents of our fair valley and summer travelers.  We welcome our new director, Molly Aagard.

Kathy Knack and Sherry Gold


Ennis Lions’ Club looking out for community’s future

Dear Editor,

The board and families of the Ennis Community Children’s School (ECCS) would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Ennis Lion’s Club for its recent sponsorship of a new tuition assistance scholarship program and its recent donation of a refrigerator to the school.

This dedicated and hard working organization has demonstrated year after year its commitment to the people of Ennis and the surrounding area through eye testing and glasses for school-age children, the meticulous stewardship of Lion’s Club Park, donations to several organizations, a college scholarship program and many community events like the upcoming Easter egg hunt.

The club’s generosity to ECCS and young area families will help the school fulfill its mission to provide the highest quality early childhood education to Ennis’ youngest generation. So if you see a yellow vest, tip your hat and say thank you to a Lion. They are looking out for our future.


ECCS Board of Directors


Community makes Blackbeard the Pirate possible for students

Ennis Schools would like to thank the many individuals, groups and businesses responsible for making the Missoula Children’s Theatre possible for the students in our school.   In particular, we would like to thank the Ennis Booster Club for providing the bulk of the funding required to bring the program in, as well as Leslie Lukas for organizing the week.  We would like to recognize the following individuals, groups and businesses for their help. Blackbeard the Pirate was a success due to all of their efforts!

Thank you to the Ennis Booster Club, Leslie Lukas, Vicki Gordon, Miranda Rae, Sally Lee, Claire Oliver, Madison Foods, Yesterday’s Café, Madison Square Athletic Center, Jamie Stearns, Heidi Chatriand, Jennifer Morrison, Susan Lantow, Frank Keyes, Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, Wyatt Murdock, Elle’s Belles, Kelly Knack, the Jenkins family and the Lovett family. We sincerely apologize if we missed anyone!

Brian Hilton

Ennis Schools


2 Responses to Letters to the Editor-March 27, 2014

  1. Walt Long says:

    It’s really difficult to read Billie Love’s letter (Daines is strong leader…) without commenting. I suppose these same misrepresentations (I won’t say “lies” because the writer may actually believe these things) will haunt the ACA into perpetuity, but it’s really becoming tiresome. I hope people will do their homework and satisfy themselves that nothing Ms Love says in this letter is factual. There were no “exemptions,” Max Baucus didn’t step down to avoid facing the voters, its not causing hundreds of thousands to lose their insurance, and Daines is not a “much needed” no vote. The ACA is a much-needed, imperfect, first step toward fixing our health care system, and what we need now are positive-thinking people in Washington who will lead the battle to make all the necessary changes that accompany any new legislation

  2. Katleen Mumme says:

    All too true. We could solve so many problems in this country by working together. It’s absolutely outrageous how much time and energy have been spent in attempting to repeal the ACA—time that could be spent trying to solve real problems. The lies and misconceptions about it have gone largely unanswered by the media, and are nothing short if appalling. It is the law of the land. Shouldn’t we give it a chance to work? Or, is that what some of these folks are afraid WILL happen?

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