Letters to the Editor—Jan. 23, 2014

Christmas made brighter by giving

I would like to thank the Giving Tree and the Food Pantry for making our Christmas brighter. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


Erika N. Frey



Shaw’s attack pure partisanship

Dear Editor:

I didn’t know what to think of Ray Shaw attacking Senator Tester and his forest jobs bill until I saw news he just filed for reelection.  His versions of facts were so far off, it’s now clear this was pure partisanship at its worst.  His letter appearing in December across Montana was curious because it came at a time when Senator Tester was working with ranchers in Shaw’s district to make the Snowcrest Wilderness boundaries work better for them than the Forest Service’s boundaries.

Of course Shaw gives a pump for Congressman Daines for jumping on board with a bill crafted in Washington, D.C., but he doesn’t tell the whole story.  He neglected to mention the Daines bill will take millions of dollars away from Beaverhead, Jefferson and Madison Counties by ending Secure Rural Schools Act funding.  He didn’t mention the Congressional Budget Office report saying the bill will increase litigation and increase the national debt.  Most importantly, he didn’t say anything about Montanans having no input in the management of federal lands affected by the bill.

Ray, please stop acting like you’re above politics and accusing Senator Tester of trying to earn votes.  Tell your constituents which taxes you intend to raise to offset the loss of federal money you call for and be honest for once.  We deserve someone who will work with us, not another politician worried about party bosses.

Dr. O. Alan Weltzien



Grateful for Mentors

In this day and age, the chance to be humbled by the actions of others is often rare.  I am grateful to have recently had this experience, and my heartfelt admiration is due.

I would like to say “Thank You!” to the spectacular friends and colleagues that submitted my nomination to the “20 under 40” feature in the Bozeman paper.  Because of their recognition, and the resulting write up, I was humbled to be included in a summary of astounding young professionals that seek to contribute to their communities in southwest Montana.

I’m still a bit unsure as to how I made the cut, but I am grateful to know the individuals who put my name in the hat.  These outstanding people include Robin Blazer of Willie’s Distillery, Leslie Lukas of Leslie Lukas Weddings and Events, and Rebecca Ramsey of the Ruby Watershed Council; professional women who themselves qualify for such a recognition.

I am inspired by the actions of these fine women, and for all of those individuals who I spend time with at work or at play in our corner of the state.  This amazing area is all the more rich with your presence.

With Gratitude,

Sunni Heikes-Knapton




In the Jan. 16 edition, The Madisonian printed incorrect information in the article titled Candidate filing for county and statewide offices open.  The article should have read: [Kacey Smart] has now filed to run in the election and Karen Miller, who currently works for the sheriff’s office, has also filed for that position, according to Kaatz.

The Madisonian apologizes for any confusion as a result of the error.


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