Letters to the Editor—Dec. 12, 2013

Thank you, Purple Ladies

To the Editor of the Madisonian:

Who would have guessed that the place we go for health care, the Madison Valley Medical Center, also has a treasure of unusual gifts for Christmas?  I was recently there on other errands and the bright cart of gifts in the lobby caught my eye.  The devoted volunteers of the  Auxiliary (the “Purple Ladies”) maintain this cart full of jewelry, cards, Christmas stocking craft kits, and many other assorted gifts for the benefit of the MVMC and patients.  Check it out next time you’re in the market for a gift! Thanks to you, “Purple Ladies”.

Janet Dochnahl



Support Madison Valley Medical Center

Dear Editor:

‘Tis the season to give thanks:

Once again I find myself writing to the community to thank the Madison Valley Medical Center for being here at those moments in life that we hope won’t happen, but when you find yourself needing an X-ray, or a Cats scan, or blood work ordered by your “specialist” doctor over in Bozeman, what a gift it is to be able to simply drive 15 minutes or so for these necessary procedures.  I was so happy when I found out that these services were available; many of you may not be aware that State of the Arts Imagining and Technologies are indeed just down the hall from the first floor entry.  And then there is the added comfort of seeing a familiar face when you are going into this big machine.  Thank you Bev and Sarah.  Also, as a reminder, this is the season of gratitude and giving. Remember to support our Madison Valley Medical Center so it may always be there for us.  Thank you.

Shirley Bayley

P.O. Box 399

Ennis, MT 59729



Management drove doctor away from Sheridan

Dear Editor,

We are so saddened that we are losing Dr. Kelli Christensen.  We can’t believe the CEO and Board of Community Health Center in Butte are letting this fine doctor leave this area.  Dr. Christensen’s husband was born in Sheridan and they decided that this was a great opportunity to come back home to raise their family.  We were fortunate to have such a great person and fine doctor come to this area.   We have heard so many people say that Dr. Christensen has helped them with their health.  I know that when we would go see her she was so caring and really wanted to help you.  We need someone like Dr. Christensen in our valley, someone that cares for her patients.

CHC’s credibility in our community has hit rock bottom and is severely damaged.  The new CEO of CHC has done nothing to help Kellie with her practice.  This problem had been building over the past four months and it seems that the CHC has done nothing to support the clinic except to badger Kellie, criticize her and work her into the ground. Our doctor has been poorly treated by the management.  Having unrealistic expectations and harassing a new physician is deplorable.  Kellie has done the best job that one person could do in the short of time she has been here.  How could Dr. Christensen work under this management?  I know she wanted to make Sheridan her home with her family but the way she was being treated kept her from staying.  That is a cold hard fact, believe it, it was not the area, patients or her staff – it was management that drove her away. They should have done everything they could have to keep Dr. Christensen instead they chased her away. I can’t believe that the Board of CHC keeps this new CEO, Cindy was doing such a great job.  It is a shame to see what is happen to CHC.  I don’t think the Board has any idea what has been going on, if they did then a new Board needs to be in place.  If they think people are going to the Sheridan Clinic now after Kellie leaves, they will be surprised the people that won’t go back.  If there is any way we could keep Kellie and her family in our community let’s go for it. They were a true asset to this community.


Peggy Buyan



Thank you, Madison Valley Hospital doctors and staff

On Dec. 5, 2013, I had a medical emergency. I arrived at Madison Valley Medical Center (hospital) and the doctors and staff immediately identified the emergency and started medical attention. They also were able to immediately make arrangements and had a Summit Air helicopter to transport me to Bozeman in quick fashion. They were in continual contact with the medical staff at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and due to these actions the medical team was waiting when I arrived in Bozeman and the procedure was completed in 15 minutes. These actions saved my life and hats off to all involved in Ennis and Bozeman.

Thank you so much

Mark Hamrock



Community Health Center continues work

To the Editor

As the community is aware, Dr. Kelli Christensen of the Sheridan Community Health Center (CHC) recently resigned her position with her last day of work on Dec. 31, 2013. We respect her decision and thank her for her work with patients and the residents of Ruby Valley in the past year.

Our directors have been involved in southwest Montana with our federally qualified health care center for over 28 years. One constant remains, that healthcare has and will continue to change.  Rules, regulations and providers change. But one thing has not and will not change: The CHC’s commitment to its patients, the Ruby Valley and its mission-driven work.

The CHC will continue to care for its patients while it searches for a permanent provider for the clinic. In the interim,  the clinic will  be staffed with a physician’s assistant Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Nurse practitioner Dayna Leavens will treat pediatric patients on Thursdays and the clinic will be staffed Monday through Friday to answer phones, make appointments and assist patients. Mac’s Pharmacy, located in the same building as the clinic at 317 Madison St., will remain unchanged, open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We are proud of the work the CHC provides for the 16,000 plus patients cared for in southwestern Montana at the Butte, Dillon and Sheridan sites.  As a volunteer board, we oversee these clinics, and are passionate about healthcare and our communities. We are confident that the CHC will continue to provide excellent care in Sheridan while we work hard to find a permanent provider.

Wayne Harper, board chair
Community Health Centers of Butte, Dillon and Sheridan


Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act is good for Montana

To the editor:

I am a Montana native who has always appreciated the backcountry hunting opportunity we have in southwest Montana.  My children share my passion for the backcountry and will soon be passing that feeling on to their children.  That is why I support Senator Testers Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.

The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act not only protects the backcountry that my family enjoys but also offers hope for resolving forest health and watershed issues.

For the past four years, Senator Tester has worked to improve management of Montana’s national forests by bringing together people from different perspectives to work on solutions. After years of hard work, it is time for congress to move the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act forward.

Developing solutions is never easy, and certainly not when you are talking about public lands in Montana. But Senator Tester has brought together timber, sportsmen, and conservationists to develop a plan that everyone supports. These are people who used to be suing one another to try to get their way. Now they are working together to find common ground and develop “win-win” solutions.

This approach is hard, and takes years and years to achieve consensus. And at the end of the day, no one gets everything they want, but everyone benefits. Montanans value hard work, cooperation, and doing things the right way. That’s what Senator Tester has done with the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. It should pass congress immediately.


Mark Petroni

West Yellowstone


Ennis Police Department only trying to do its job

Dear Editor,

Let us give Town Officer Scott Newell praise for his effort. A recent note in The Madisonian was an apology from him to what appeared to be annoyed citizens for his office giving out warning notices for improperly parked cars at the EHS football championship game.

My sister living in “the city” told me that those drivers could have had their cars “booted” or towed.

Our P.D. need not apologize for doing their job. They are only trying to service the whole town (not just a few spectators).

Thank you Town of Ennis for your service to us.

Lyndall Morgan




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