Letters to the Editor, April 26 edition, Part 2

Vote for the best candidate

Dear Editor,

After attending another public meeting, I wish to clarify an unfounded misconception.

We do not have to vote for a “team of two” – but vote your individual choice. It is my hope that the voting citizens will take the time to look at each candidate’s experience, background, knowledge of our needs, goals, and motivation to be a trustee for Ennis School Board – and vote on May 8.

It is not my intention to vote for a “team” to side with or back-up a current trustee position. I don’t want to see another standoff of us against them, old trustees versus new trustees, new comers battle old citizens.

Please make your vote work towards one solution, improve our current strife and move on. But please vote!

Lyndall Morgan


Vujovich, Coffman invested in Ennis Schools

Dear Editor,

Here’s a fun fact: Josh Vujovich and Chad Coffman have a real interest in our school.

Chad has two children currently attending school at Ennis, both of which are wonderful, well balanced students. Chad is and has always been dedicated to supporting not only his own children, but also all of the students at Ennis Schools. He attends functions, ceremonies, sporting events, parent teacher conferences, music programs, plays, etc. I have watched and heard him cheer for every student there. Chad and his family have also been Booster Club members for many years.

Josh Vujovich and his family have been Booster Club members for years, and Josh has graciously donated his time to serve on scholarship committees. Josh supports our academic and athletic programs by being involved, donating his time and resources and attending many functions at the school.

Josh and Chad’s participation in our school goes far beyond a once a month school board meeting. For this reason I hope you will join me in electing Josh Vujovich and Chad Coffman to the Ennis School Board.

Ken Sciuchetti


Walsh and board deserve appreciation

Dear Editor,

It surprises me that Mr. Bullock has decided that the Ennis School Board’s decision to use some funds from the adult education account was illegal after the state had said that there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

Only problem was they failed to inform the state that they were doing it. Now, since the lawsuit was dismissed after an audit of the school district’s books was recommended, here comes the Attorney General with his decision. And then when it’s pointed out that the school board only went ahead with building the new school after receiving the okay from the state, the Attorney General just pooh-pooed the complaint, as if the say, “Tough noogies guys, you’re SOL.”

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Mr. Walsh has resigned as superintendent of Ennis Schools, which quite a lot of folks seemed most interested in seeing. There are many more who have certain interests in having Bullock decide against the board the way he did. However, there is a group of people whose interests weren’t on the table. Hell, they weren’t even in the room. I’m referring to the children who attend school in Ennis. Mr. Walsh and the school board should be commended for putting the children first and from what I’ve seen, they have done so. The old school was unsafe. A new one was needed. Now, how was it to be paid for? Instead of sitting around, wringing their hands, they did something about it and found a way, without going to the voters for a third time that year.

Also, Mr. Walsh and the board members have done something that is very rare these days – they’ve put the kids first. That’s whom they represent. That’s their priority. And that’s their constituency! How they were able to do their job under constant sniping, whining and legal nonsense without losing their sanity is amazing.

No matter what happens, I would like to thank them for being there for the kids. To Mr. Walsh: Good luck and Godspeed. Hope you can get some peace and quiet now. God knows you deserve it.

Terry Helton


Favorably impressed with George for school board

Dear Editor,

Fifty-five years ago, my late husband, Gene, and I came to the Madison Valley to purchase the ranch on which I still reside.

We raised our family here. All of our children attended Ennis schools for 12 years. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren still call the Madison Valley home. We have had a great life here.

I have read the literature presented by all four candidates for Ennis School Board Trustee. Some are old guard and some are more recent residents of our beautiful valley. My thoughts are, perhaps, that we should examine the qualifications and proposals of each candidate rather than focusing on the amount of time they have been residents of the valley.

After reading the literature offered by all four candidates, I have been favorably impressed by what I have read of Craig George. He will have my vote for Ennis trustee, and I hope yours also.

Lois Walsh


Respect and civility; community qualities

Dear Editor,

I am 83 years old. I grew up on a farm in North Dakota during the Depression and farmed most of my life. I know what hard work means. I have also been president of our homeowners’ association, and I know how difficult serving on boards sometimes can be.

Hard work, wisdom, integrity and civility are all important qualities if people expect to provide leadership. I have attended a number of Ennis School Board meetings and have been saddened by the absence of civility – by both the audience and some Board members.

I know Craig George, who was the president of our homeowners’ association for three years. He was one of the hardest working presidents our association has ever had. He had to make tough decisions at times, but his principles are in place and he didn’t compromise them. He has treated people with civility while serving as president of our board.

I also know Bill Clark. I think I can say that everyone who knows Bill knows he is trustworthy, hardworking and that he treats everyone he meets with respect and civility. Those are the qualities this community needs right now and those are the reasons why I hope folks will join me in voting for Bill Clark and Craig George for the Ennis School Board on May 8.

Curtis Carson


End the circus in the valley, vote Coffman and Vujovich

Dear Editor,

For the past two years I have been following the character assassination of our Ennis School superintendent and Ennis School Board members.

The best way to get your name in lights is to attack the establishment with innuendo and implied wrong doing, knowing they cannot defend themselves, because of the restrictions as a group, due to their responsibilities.

We are all now quite aware that Dave Kelley and Kelly Robinson have arrived in the Madison Valley. In their rhetoric I have seen nothing about for the good of the school and its students, just active complaints to keep the tension level at the maximum.

Our school administration and board followed the chain of command given to them as how to use their funding to build the new school and followed this procedure. From school board minutes it appears that two of the complaining group are ex-school board members who voted yes as to taking advantage of the increase in mill values, to acquire funding, to meet the needs of the school district; one of the items being the construction of a new facility.

It is quite possible that the Montana Attorney General was supplied with some specific items to look for in order to go against what the school administration had been told by the state before building. The complainers have chosen not to believe any of the figures from past audits and financial statements it appears for no other reason than if I accept these figures I can’t complain anymore. Also, I have read they will not list any of the specific items they want resolved with new audit? (The only real given is to relieve the district of excess cash on hand). This shows I’m still running the show.

Many moons ago when I ran for the school board, the whole thought that everyone had was trying to help have a harmonious system for the benefit of all involved, administration, teachers, students, and board members. (It has always been a voluntary unpaid position).

I was quite surprised when our newest board member was running she was asking for contributions, as it seems two of the newest candidates are also requesting? I fully believe if this is the case, there should be a full financial discloser of campaign funding of contributions so that the general public can know who the new candidates are in debt to for policy. It appears from the articles Lisa Frye has put in the paper it’s to be a payday to raise hell! As it seems they want to keep rehashing the past instead of making a genuine effort to move forward.

In all reality we should thank those we have relied upon these past few years for a brand new school, bought and paid for with no bonds to pay off and the finances to operate it.

Having had four children graduate from Ennis High School, I’m quite sure at times I was a pain to the administration, but the system has always had one thing in mind what was best for all students.

Question: Is there a valid reason for us to standby and ask for this media circus to continue, them having not supplied us with a solution?

We have two school board candidates with children in school, making a living in our community, with one major desire – to get over this turmoil and maintain a good learning environment for their children and all students.

Back to harmony in our schools. Thanks Chad Coffman and Josh Vujovich.

E. Gordon Sheffield,


Wagner responds to Getty’s letter, explains position on birth control, abortion

Dear Editor,

It’s not about money, it’s about good public policy. It is no secret John Getty and I disagree on many issues. It is also no secret that I am opposed to taxpayers funding birth control pills, condoms and abortions. I oppose it because it is bad public policy that promotes and proliferates irresponsible sexual conduct. Conduct that feeds an industry built upon the deception and corruption of young minds. Safe sex doesn’t begin with pills and condoms. It begins with an understanding that sexual behavior has consequences. Sometimes pregnancy happens – human life begins, and responsibility comes with it. Whether one uses pills or condoms is none of the taxpayers business. Forcing them to pay for it is their business.

Texas recently defunded Planned Parenthood. I applaud their action because of the fact that for approximately 40 years statistics prove that condoms and birth control pills have not been effective in reducing unplanned pregnancies, or reducing the number of abortions. Planned Parenthood’s primary service is providing abortions under the disguise of “women’s health.” Since the Texas decision, approximately 12 Planned Parenthood facilities closed up. This fact, alone, is evidence of their lack of concern for women’s health – it is all about money, taxpayer money. When the taxpayer money dries up, so does their concern for women’s healthcare.

The other end of the spectrum is the New Hope Center in Butte, and St. Catherine’s Healthcare Clinic in Belgrade. They offer women’s healthcare and pregnancy consultation and services at a fraction of the cost (free to those who can’t afford it), and they do it because that is their mission, and they do it with the help of private donations- not taxpayer money. I’m pretty sure that if Planned Parenthood really wanted to stay open for women’s healthcare, they are free to solicit private funding from people like John Getty.

Mr. Getty’s rhetoric about “self-described Catholics and self-described Protestants” is just that – self-described. One can call themselves Catholic or Protestant, but that doesn’t make it so. Being Christian (Catholic or Protestant) is an action based in faith, not a simple self-proclamation. The Catholic Church condemns birth control pills, condoms and abortion; yet, self proclaimed Catholic women such as Rep. Ellie Hill, Rep. Edie McClafferty and Sen. Mary Caferro, to name a few, all support and defend their use as “good public policy.” How does this skew the results of Mr. Getty’s hypothesis?

I would suggest Mr. Getty not concern himself with what Late Night TV considers funny. There is nothing funny about stealing hard-working Montanan’s money for the morals promoted by the entertainment industry.

Rep. Bob Wagner

House District 71


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