Letters to the Editor: 8.1.13

Virginia City Players are a great time

Dear Editor,

It is with much delight that I wish to thank the Virginia City Players for the marvelous presentation on July 25 of “Christmas in July”.  It does appear that the Players enjoyed it as much as the audience did.  The laughter and the teamwork amongst them reflected the fun all were having.  The terrific skits and the “muses” are too many to name here but hope to see again next year.

Don’t miss it!

Thanks again,

Lyndall Morgan



Thank you, we feel so lucky to live in the Ruby Valley


My family and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the prayers, best wishes and assistance we received from so many people.

On June 22, our son Austin was involved in a farming accident. The result, being the loss of two and a half fingers on his right hand. He has been through two surgeries in Salt Lake, another in Bozeman, and is awaiting at least one more in Bozeman in a few weeks for skin grafts.

Twelve years ago, we settled in Sheridan with hopes that we had found a place to call home. We love Sheridan and the Ruby Valley and feel so blessed to live here.

We have such wonderful friends and neighbors who, without hesitation, are so willing to put their lives on hold to help.  We have had people who we don’t even know come up to us with a big hug and expressing their prayers and best wishes for his recovery.  It is impossible to thank each person, group or organization–there have been so many throughout the Ruby Valley–but please know your support and generosity is heartfelt and appreciated.

There is a lot of healing physically and emotionally left to do; but with such wonderful support and Austin’s determination, he will make it through.

It is humbling and comforting to know what wonderful, caring people live in our community. This is what you hope for when you move to a small town. It is also why I am so proud to serve as Sheridan’s Mayor.

Dean Derryberry and Buffy and Austin Brentlinger



Thank you so much

My 90th birthday party on July 7 was so wonderful!  Thank you so much to all my dear family, my many friends and my favorite band for making it a wonderful memory in my life.  In all I received 181 beautiful cards and notes.

My love to you all,

Anita Ames


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