Letters to the Editor: 5.9.13

Madison County Volunteer Respite Care is a great volunteer opportunity

Dear Editor,

Recently I became involved with Madison County Volunteer Respite Care.  Because the phone number said 682-3100, I immediately assumed it was an Ennis service. After visiting with Connie Morgan from Laurin, I was very surprised to realize this service is available to all Madison County residents!

I had the privilege of driving a Twin Bridges resident to Barrett Hospital in Dillon for physical therapy after hip surgery. Driving is just one of many ways Respite volunteers can serve. Respite Care provides relief to those giving care to the homebound.

What attracted me to the program was the flexibility. I want to be able to travel at my convenience. Madison County Volunteer Respite Care offers me that option. If I am available, I agree to help!

Consider volunteering, but also remember, if you need a volunteer, Madison County Volunteer Respite Care is available. Please call Andrew Morgan, 682-3100, Connie Morgan, 842-5085, or Paula Gilman, 684-5636.


Paula Gilman





A special thank you to our family and friends for the food, cards, flowers, calls and prayers for my recent hospital stay. It helps so much to know you care.


Thanks again,

Bill & Karen Dringle

Ennis, MT


Thank you Ennis Schools’ community

You’ve written beautiful, supportive letters about me, stopped me in the halls of the school, visited with me at church, at home and walked into my office to offer support and encouragement.  You’ve welcomed me to speak at your meetings and put up campaign signs; you’ve permitted me a place to display signs; you have contributed to and supported my candidacy for Ennis Schools Trustee in multiple ways.  Regardless of the results of the upcoming election I have been forever blessed and humbled by your outpouring of support.

Clearly, you are concerned and passionate about the operation of our school district, as you should be.  I would ask that you remain so and demonstrate that by participating in the process.  Make your questions known, offer your suggestions & solutions and look for ways to volunteer your time within the school.  Not only will you provide a service you’ll be amazed by what you’ll learn and by how much you didn’t know.



Maria Lake


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