Letters to the Editor: 3.7.13

Compliments to the care at Ruby Valley Hospital

Dear Editor,

A big shout out to all the staff, caregivers, and support help at R.V. Hospital in Sheridan.  Spending 4 nights there gave me the opportunity first-hand to experience what a great asset this is for our community.   I look forward to seeing the new facility built so that you’ll have a work place equal to your professionalism and dedication to community health.  Thanks again for the TLC; you are all the greatest!


Kathy Flick



Card of Thanks


The family of Frances Larson wishes to thank all of those who have supported us during this difficult time.  Thank you to those who have given donations, flowers, food, phone calls, visits, other support given and just being there for us.  We send a thank you to the medical staff for their services.   Thank you K&L Mortuaries for your help with the funeral arrangements.  We truly live in a warm and caring community.  Thanks again for everything.



David, Carol, Lynette, Randy & Kevin Larson


Please join in supporting our local fire service


Dear Editor,


The Madison Valley Rural Fire District is seeking a general obligation bond and a mill levy increase to improve fire service in the Madison Valley.  The Board of Trustees and the Fire Department staff have worked to put into place many things to improve the fire service.  These improvements have made the Valley safer and provided firefighters the equipment to better serve you.

The voters and property owners of the Valley are being asked for additional funds to carry on this vital service to the community.  We cannot pay as we go and keep pace with rising costs and needs of the community.  The board’s goal is to provide service within 15 minutes to 90 percent of the residents.  The board found large segments of the community doesn’t meet this goal.  After an extensive study, conclusions indicate there is need for a fire station in the Varney area.  The fire station in Ennis needs a new fire engine/rescue.  This could be accomplished by the sale of general obligation bonds.  A six mill levy increase would be necessary to maintain the new fire station and establish a fund to purchase replacement fire apparatus.

I hope you will look for your ballots which were mailed March 4, 2013.  The ballots must be returned to the County Elections office by March 26, 2013.  Please join me in voting to support our fire service.



Ted Liss



We do not deserve a prosperous and free society without earning it


Dear Editor,


Some folks think that Americans can muddle along through life and never have to worry about losing our liberty.  They think that somehow we deserve a prosperous and free society whether we earn it or not.  Well, I’m here to tell you that just isn’t so.  Throughout the history of mankind, the only time that any nation has had the freedom we enjoy today is here in the good old U.S.A.  But freedom is not free, and we are under a relentless attack by those who believe our system of free choice and individual liberty is outmoded. They say that we need to think of the greater good of society typical of a socialistic or communistic mindset.  They say that too much freedom will destroy the world and that we need masters to keep us in check.  Usually those who make that statement think they should be the masters because of their remarkable wisdom and enlightened thinking. It matters not to them that the most polluted and despoiled environments in the world are in countries with controlled economies and restrictive private property rights.  It is precisely because of our great wealth as a nation that we can support a clean and healthy environment, but much of that wealth is evaporating because of excessive controls and regulation.

The old Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev was the creator of some of the worst environmental disasters of all time, yet after he was deposed as the Soviet Premier, he became the founder and grand poobah of Green Cross International, a revered environmental “think tank”.  Am I the only one that sees the irony in this?  Anyone who thinks communism is dead had better take a good hard look at those in charge of the radical environmental movement and their “stakeholder councils, vision statements and trained facilitators”.


Dan Happel

Commissioner District 2

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